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Palawan’s capital is undeniably a city. Like any other metropolis, it has its fair share of traffic jams and crowds. Unlike other cities though, Puerto Princesa’s side streets are still filled with trees and overgrowth, effectively earning it the nickname “City in the Forest”. Often just a stop for sexier Palawan destinations (El Nido, we’re looking at you), travelers who come here are more often than not just passing through. But among its friendly locals, burgeoning food scene, and endless list of things to do, there’s more reason to stay than you think. For all its flurry, you really won’t run out of things to do in here. Of course, there’s the obvious: a tour of the world-famous Underground River, for which Puerto Princesa is the starting point. Nature-lovers could also do a cruise along Iwahig river, where fireflies light up the mangroves at night. If for whatever reason those attractions don’t appeal to you, Puerto Princesa also offers the requisite city tour that will take you to a line-up of interesting places that include a park that started out as a bakery, an antique church, several view points, a butterfly garden, and a crocodile farm. The city also features a craft beer taproom and brewery, as well as a slew of local restaurants that will make you want to eat all day long. Whatever it is you choose to do, Puerto Princesa definitely deserves a second look, and maybe even an extended stay.
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