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Metro Manila

Metro Manila

Metro Manila Metro Manila, a dizzying megalopolis of about 12 million people, is a confluence of many things: history and modernity, affluence and poverty, art and kitsch, calm and chaos. It’s sweltering in the summer, easily flooded during monsoon season, and the daily traffic can drive you crazy. It’s a place where things don’t often come easy, but it will never fail to surprise, inspire, and challenge you. With a pocketful of street smarts and a crazy sense of adventure, you will find this megacity endlessly exciting and strangely beautiful.

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FB Ads Workshop by Julian Cañita

Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Facebook ads are posts which businesses pay for to get in front of their targeted audiences.What would it mean for you if you could directly pinpoint who you would want to get your offer in front of?What if you can reach those people for a minimum of P40 a day (and control when and how much you want to spend on advertising)What if you could clearly identify which among your marketing efforts are bringing you the most returns so you can do more of what's working and stop doing what is just costing you money?You can do all this with Facebook ads.And now you have the opportunity of learning how to correctly set them up for your business.Join us in one of our Facebook Ads Basics Workshops.DURING THIS WORKSHOP YOU WILL:Launch your first Facebook Ad confidentlyLearn the one question you should ask before clicking the "Create" button (Failure to do this may be the equivalent of throwing money away)Discover how to ACCURATELY target your target market on FacebookKnow how to use Facebook ads to 8X your business growthThe learning investment for this workshop is at Php 4,995.ABOUT THE TRAINERThe trainer?I. AM. The Trainer!My name is Julian Cañita.I’ve spent over P10M pesos of other people’s money running Facebook Ads and delivering as much as 10X growth for businesses I’ve worked with.With nearly 50 clients, and over 100 students I’ve personally helped and mentored, I know my way around Facebook Ads like my life depended on it. Some of my friends tease me that I live, eat, sleep, breathe Facebook Ads, and you know what… They’re FREAKIN’ RIGHT. In a nutshell, I help businesses like you get more targeted leads, and convert them into customers, which turns into money in the bank. If this sounds like something you want for your business, I’m your guy.You’re losing out thousands every single month and you don’t even know it.Here’s why… Every single day you’re not using Facebook Ads, your competitors are and they are getting YOUR customers right under your nose. Every single day you’re not using Facebook Ads, people who should’ve bought from you are giving their hard earned money to someone else. Every single day you’re not using Facebook Ads, you’re losing so much money on missed opportunities that was already yours for the taking. Customers and revenue that was meant for you, wasted away… Just because you weren’t able to seize the opportunity. I want to change that for you. I’m here to help you get your money back and more.  I’m here to help you grow your business to a level you’ve never seen before.  You have an amazing business and more people need to see it. They DESERVE it… You DESERVE it. It’s time to take what’s YOURS…  Join my training and I will hold you by the hand and show you exactly how to get it done. Enroll now.


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