Aurora Ermita Hill (5) Ditumabo Falls (5)

Beyond the lush forest of the Sierra Madre mountains lies a splendid land so unbelievably rich and untouched - Aurora, otherwise known as the “Sanctuary of Nature’s Splendor.” The Sierra Madre mountain range covers a large part of the province of Aurora. In fact, next to the Aurora coastline, it is the place where flora and fauna are most concentrated. Waterfalls, rivers, crystal clear streams of varying sizes are located within, if not adjacent to, the area of the Sierra Madre mountain

Since the Spanish occupation, Aurora was part of Quezon province prior to its independence in 1979. Situated on the eastern-central side of Luzon Island, it accounts for 1% of the country’s total land area. While it covers the eastern portion of the Sierra Madre mountains, it has a coastline that stretches to 332 kilometers. This combination of mountainous ranges, pristine beaches, and a sparse population makes Aurora a perfect destination for the adventurous.

Its capital, Baler, is the seat of government and center for trade and industry in the province. Considered the most progressive town in Aurora, it is renowned amongst surfers because of its annual Aurora Surfing Camp, which attracts competitors and enthusiasts from all over the world.

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