Wild cattle, wild hogs, and monkeys of the brown and white variety are just some of the many exotic fauna that abound in the forests of mainland Tawi-Tawi. Lying at the southwestern tip of the Philippines, accessible in only a matter of hours from Sabah in Malaysia, Tawi-Tawi is a province to visit for its natural zoos and a world all its own. At Sibutu, wild hogs come in rampaging bands of black, reddish brown, white, and spotted black and white. A hunter's paradise, Sibutu also boasts of the sleek and rare "labuyo" or wild rooster, birds of the edible variety – the balud, tabon, kingfisher, orioles, dandunay of the peacock variety, and more – as well as pet birds such as green, gold, and white parrots, canaries, lovebirds, and so much more.
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