Oriental Mindoro Main Tile Manihala Falls, Oriental Mindoro | Photo by JR Felipe Mt. Halcon in Mindoro Island | Photo by Markie Aungon

When travelers suit up, tank up, and dive into the waters of Oriental Mindoro, what they witness is the hotbed of marine biodiversity in the Philippines. Oriental Mindoro makes up the eastern chunk of Mindoro Island, the seventh largest among the Philippines’ 7,100 islands. To the east is Verde Island Passage, an underwater highway that swells with marine life more diverse than anywhere else in the world.

The tourist-clad town of Puerto Galera outdoes the popularity of Oriental Mindoro as the epicenter of scuba diving activity in the country. The town is also known for its White Beach, a cheaper alternative to the iconic White Beach of Boracay. Just 15 minutes away from White Beach is the Talipanan Mangyan Settlement, where travelers can immerse in the local culture of the Mangyan tribe.

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