Tayug is a third class municipality in Pangasinan, sub-politically divided into 21 barangays. In 1837, Tayug was ceded to the Province of Pangasinan.  In 1851, it was once again incorporated with the Province of Nueva Ecija. It won’t be until 1864 that Tayug will be made a part of Pangasinan again. The municipality got its name from a very tall tree that once grew in the heart of the town--the Bacayao tree. It was so tall, that in Ilocano dialect, it was called “layug.” Due to the difficulty of pronouncing the letter “L,” the locals replaced it with the letter “T,” which is more commonly used. Hence, the name Tayug came about. Owing to its geography and climate, the townspeople rely on agriculture for their main source of income.  With the town’s 5,130 hectares of fertile land, the locals worked on corn and rice plantations that have been around for centuries.

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