San Jacinto is one of Pangasinan’s oldest towns founded by a Catholic priest named Herminigildo Milgar in the 16th century. This landlocked municipality was named after Hyacinth of Poland, a canonized priest who spent his life reforming the lives of nuns in his  home country. Surely, this is not the place that a surfer, beach bum, or a mountain hiker would end up during weekends, but San Jacinto could be the answer when you are simply itching to temporarily get away from the crowded city of Manila. For devout Catholics, the Parish Church of St. Hyacinth is worth a visit.  Like many churches in the Philippines, it is not made entirely of its original structure anymore.  However, having a history that can be traced back to 1598, this church is a favorite of pilgrims within and nearby provinces.  San Jacinto Town Hall was also built the same year that this province was established. If this town hall and the church can speak, both can probably tell the most accurate tale of San Jacinto’s humble beginning.

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