With arms wide open, Natividad in Eastern Pangasinan is prepping itself to welcome more visitors in the months and years to come. It is an up and coming destination for the faithful and nature lovers alike, where at present, the tourism spotlight is on its hillside viewing deck called Sky Plaza, along with the local Christ The Redeemer Statue standing at its apex. 

Lying at the foot of the Caraballo mountains, Natividad is likewise blessed with natural wonders. For instance, Maranum Falls is a spot that is slowly gaining mainstream popularity. Truth be told, there’s plenty more like it in the area; and with infrastructure projects in the pipeline, these attractions will soon be made more accessible for the public to enjoy.

Little by little, this sleepy town is making its way into the tourism radar. If you want to be among the first few people to experience what it has to offer, now is definitely the best time to visit.

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