Mabini, Pangasinan, Philippines | Photo by Nelo Manzo Mabini, Pangasinan, Philippines | Photo by Nelo Manzo
The people of Mabini are bright and bubbly, a lot like the town itself. While landlocked from all sides, it does boast a river where locals like to cool down and even, according to modern local legend, find love. A very old church near the town center is an attraction not only for the faithful, but also for those who enjoy a little bit of history. Meanwhile, adventurous types are sure to get excited about Mabini’s wealth of cave systems, which offer endless opportunities for swimming, spelunking, and generally feeling like a bad-ass as one conquers the cave’s narrow passages, sharp rock formations, and unexplored depths. Getting around may involve a lot of rough roads, Mabini being a third-class municipality with a fairly new bent on tourism. A word to the travelers: if you find your vehicle stuck in a muddy ditch – as is prone to happen when there are so few paved pathways – do as the locals do, and solve the problem with a teamwork and a lot of laughter. It wouldn’t be hard to do so anyway – in Mabini, where people are bright and bubbly, having fun seems to always be the first order of business.
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