Agno, Pangasinan
If there is any town where it’s easy to fall off the grid in the best way possible, it’s Agno. Not yet on Pangasinan’s major tourist trail, it’s a town that may startle visitors initially, if only for its quietness. Still, it’s got a lot of charm – enough to seduce even the most urban visitors. It does, after all, have a landscape that transforms from the cocoa tones of its leaf-strewn town center, to bright yellow rolling rice fields, to the golden sand beaches along its blessed coast, to the incredible iridescent blue of the Balincaguing river that snakes right across it. And quiet though it may be, it does not lack for things to do and sights to see. The town center alone boasts a rich and inviting history, with many Spanish-style houses still standing proud and impressing guests with their dark wooden stateliness. A Catholic Church built in 1610 can also be found there. In the way of natural wonders, Agno’s got waterfalls, beaches, crags, rocks, and the aforementioned majestic river – not to mention several viewpoints where one can see all that the town can offer in one breathtaking frame. Packed with history, nature, adventure, and a touch of old world romance, it is only a matter of time before mainstream tourism gives the town a busier vibe – but until then, Agno will remain to be Pangasinan’s best kept secret.
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