Simizu Island, El Nido Photo by Cris John Tagupa El Nido (361)
El Nido is no longer the backpacker secret that it used to be. In recent years, the town has grown more and more populated with tourists, backpackers, and the trappings that cater to them. Though as far as tourist traps go, El Nido may just be the most scenic. After all, the giant limestone formations that surround it aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, and neither are the uniquely-shaped islands you can see from its main beach. The town is also the starting point for the tours that will bring you to all those blue lagoons and powdery white sandbars that put El Nido on all those Most Beautiful Beaches lists. On land, it’s got a canopy walk and adventure trails, not to mention Taraw Cliff, the highest peak in town that offers a beautiful bird’s eye view of the town and Bacuit Bay. If that’s not enough, El Nido’s thriving food scene, sunset happy hours, and beachfront parties are certainly reason enough to visit.
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