Not yet on Batangas’ major tourist destinations, Lobo is a town that may pleasantly surprise visitors for the surprises hiding within its winding roads. It packs a lot of charm that will definitely lure one in to its quietness. Founded on September 27, 1871, Lobo is a third class municipality in the Province of Batangas that lies at the southwestern coast of the province. How Lobo got its name is a story handed down from generation to generation--some say it was named after the River Lobo, which flows through Lobo itself. Another legend narrates that one evening, a group of settlers residing in the place which is now the Poblacion, gathered together to talk and decide as to what name they will call the place, when suddenly over Mount Banoy they saw a balloon. Everybody eagerly waited for the balloon to fall down. Said balloon was believed to have flown from from the town of Batangas, which was coincidentally celebrating the eve of their town fiesta. Because of that, they unanimously agreed that “lobo', the local term for balloon,  be the adopted name. Lobo also has a lot of native delicacies like Ookan which is a crunchy snack made of rice flour, eggs, and sugar. They also have lots of tamarind-based delicacies, the most notable and delicious of which is the Tamarind wine that’s made of fermented tamarind juice, and can be classified as a sweet wine of sorts.
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