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Michelle Tobias  • Contributor
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1. Let’s admit that staying at home can be a monumental bore.

2. You learn to let go of things that don’t really matter.

3. From picking a destination and doing research, preparing for a trip gives you enough preparation to plan for anything.

4. Learn to live light and travel light, which in turn will save the earth from manufacturing more non-essential stuff for you to buy.

5. Get lost!

6. You get to learn how to rely on yourself and be independent.

7. Find your own way—not by using a map and compass, but that would do too—by being  friendly and asking the locals.

8. Learn how indigenous tribes live and thrive in small packs.

9. Embrace local culture. It’s like stepping inside a book.

10. Escape! At least you’re out of noise and chaos of the big city.

11. What’s more exciting than going to a strange place you’ve never been to before?

12. Taste local food and variations of your favorite recipes.

13. Try out exotic cuisines, like marinated alligators. (It’s essential that the meat is farmed, not taken from the wild.)

14. Sometimes you can lose weight by traveling, walking, biking.

15. Break bad habits by living shortly in a different place.

16. Learn how to budget your money not just in your travels, but also in your daily life.

17. You get to shower in different kinds of bathrooms, in some cases, with a spectacular mountain view.

18. Know that the world is monumentally big and would take more lifetimes to explore it!

19. Be humbled. You get to know that the world does not revolve around you.

20. Throw yourself to the sun and get an overdose of Vitamin D!


21. Be environmentally aware and environmentally responsible.

22. Learn to respect someone else’s culture, religion, customs, and traditions.

23. See the sunrise in different settings. Then again, even in the same setting the sunrise is always unique.

24. Watch the sunset from a moving bus and daydream.

25. Sleep anywhere you like. On a hammock, on a raft floating in a river, or on top of a mountain, underneath a watchful sky.

26. Gaze and stargaze.

27. Learn how to be street smart.

28. Replenish your sapped energy. Traveling can be nourishing.

29. Get to hear local superstition, folklore, legends, ghost stories, war stories, and funny stories.

30. Understand your own homeland by comparing its similarities and differences with the places you’ve been to.

31. Just the sense of movement is an incredible feeling of being alive.

32. Understand death. Where would you go if you have only one day to live?

33. Understand life. What would you do if you have the chance to live again?

34. Traveling is an immersion of all the senses.

35. Discover bizarre animal and plant species, and bizarre customs and traditions.

36. Meet strangers. You’ll never know what chemistry awaits you.

37. You get to maybe meet your lover, or someone who’ll completely turn your life around.

38. Bond with old friends. Traveling heightens your strengths and weaknesses, giving you a chance to learn about your friends better.

39. Learn to take care of yourself, your body, your things.

40. Experiencing new things is rewarding, even after traveling long distances.

#34, 101 Reasons to Travel. Graphics by Manel Solsoloy.

41. Explore unknown territory.

42. Be curious! Ignorance is boring. So goes a National Geographic Channel t-shirt.

43. Get to have your own ghost story, getting lost story, encounter with a cannibal story.

44. Not giving a damn about what’s going to happen next. You’ll deal with it when you get there.

45. The surprises never end.

46. Get involved in the traveling community. They’re a cheerful drunken lot.

47. Travel for a cause: clean up trash, plant trees, teach others how to travel responsibly.

48. See the world from a new perspective: from the top of a mountain. Or from the top of a tree on the top of a mountain. Or through a telescope from the top of a tree on the top of a mountain.

49. Learn that you are just one person among the seven billion people thriving on this planet.

50. Have peace of mind.

51. Appreciate silence. That quiet state of being.

52. Learn to cooperate with other travelers and work as a group.

53. You tend not to give much of a damn about the past and the future. You learn to live now.

54. You get a chance to breathe clean, fresh air.

55. Or you get to appreciate the importance of fresh air when you’re having high altitude sickness.

56. Have a memorable place to sleep in.

57. Get to travel on top of a jeepney.

58. Sharpen your memory; our brains tend to keep memories longer if they are set in a new place.

59. You have something to look back to when sadness knocks on your door saying, Hello there.

60. You have stories to tell your family and friends and your silly journal.


61. You’re young and wild and free. We all were born that way.

62. If you know you can go anywhere, you know you can do anything.

63. Traveling clears up your head and grants you new perspectives to solving personal problems.

64. In the long run, traveling makes you stronger physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and even spiritually.

65. Satisfy your humble beginnings, your nomadic urge.

66. Find yourself. That inner you, peeking from behind that inner kidney.

67. Traveling gives you faith to trust in strangers.

68. You learn to trust yourself and be brave.

69. Get in touch with your roots.

70. Learn about your country’s stories and histories.

71. You get to expose your different selves to different places.

72. When you’re out on the road, you get to appreciate your home and all its comfort.

73. Learn to follow your instinct.

74. No matter which places you’ve visited, good or bad, each one of them is worth a story to tell.

75. That “I did it” feeling, after ticking off this or that destination in your checklist.

76. You become more conscientious by the way you spend your life in your town or city.

77. Face your fears. Fear of darkness. Fear of heights. Fear of wide open space. Fear of the great unknown that is the big wide world.

78. You become open, receptive to new ideas. Make room for change.

79. You get to maybe save your life. Save yourself from routine, boredom, what have you.

80. Learn geography and land navigation skills.


81. Hitchhike. On a horse or a carabao.

82. See the different possibilities in your life, your love life, your career.

83. Unlearn the trappings of our silly modern civilization.

84. See the world and all its colors and sounds and tastes. The world is too good to pass up and stay at home!

85. Experience different climates and learn to adapt.

86. Heal the aches inside you. Distance can be heal too.

87. Go off the beaten path.

88. Drink different flavors of locally brewed liquor.

89. Help save the earth.

90. Get to eat with your bare hands.

91. Expose yourself to various elements and environments.

92. Learn about your people, your race, your ancestors.

93. After being exposed to various environments, you begin to care.

94. You learn to be kind and compassionate and friendly.

95. You get to know that the world isn’t so bad after all.

96. Educate yourself. The world is one giant classroom with no teacher to tell you what to do.

97. Learn a few lines of a different language.

98. It’s probably the most incredible feeling, this being free.

99. Just so you have pictures to keep in a treasure box when you get home.

100. Because when we get old, aren’t memories all we really have? Save the best ones for last. Travel!

101. To write 101 reasons to travel.

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