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Into the Nature Frontier of the North: Apayao’s Tourism Brochure Edit

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Lorrianne Aryenz Valdecantos  • Contributor
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About Apayao

Apayao, also known as ‘Cordillera’s Last Nature Frontier’, has constantly been luring people with its unspoiled attractions, mysterious forests, and adrenaline-inducing tourist spots. 

The people of this province mastered the knowledge and secrets hidden beneath the cool mountains of Cordillera through their close ties and peaceful coexistence with nature. From gentle rivers to the towering razor-sharp limestone formations, this province has always been the north’s gateway to nature’s best-kept secrets.


The Apayao Brochure

The Apayao brochure was designed to capture the cool Cordillera air. Displaying the colorful clothes and the happy faces of the Isnag people along with its famous attractions and unique cuisine, the cover of the Apayao Brochure shows the soul of the whole province. The mighty Philippine Eagle soars high above in the blue sky, a symbol of Apayao being one of the glorious eagle’s sanctuaries in the country. The cover of the brochure emphasizes the natural beauty of the whole province. 


Each town in Apayao has its own characteristics and uniqueness. Calanasan is the home of the giants, as the town cradles the mighty Philippine Eagle, Lauan trees, and Rafflesia flowers. 

The town of Flora has the best picnic spots in the province. Sta. Marcela will surely satisfy anyone’s hunger. Luna’s crowning glory is the jaw-dropping Dupag Rock Formation, the maze-like limestone formation of razor-sharp jagged rocks. 

Kabugao nourishes the indigenous people of Igorot and Isnag. Conner is the province’s fruit basket and lastly, Pudtol house ruins that date back to the Spanish colonial period.


Made with love by Explora

The soul of Apayao is presented in the brochure—from the attractions, accommodations, directions, festivals, to the fun map. Giving importance to the pulse of the province is essential for the brochure to reflect the serene and cool ambiance of Apayao.


The fun map is Explora’s stamp of love shown through its painstaking design and execution to capture the best features of Apayao. 

This map is also designed to be playful and to spark child-like giddiness among the readers. The illustrations on the maps are conceptualized and meticulously drawn one by one by the artists of Explora to mirror real maps but of course with the added fun twist. 

In addition, the texts and content included in the collaterals are thoroughly researched and verified by Explora Team and Volunteers in coordination with the Apayao Provincial Tourism Office led by Rebekah Tamaken-Mamba and Governor Elias C. Bulut, Jr.


As always, the Apayao tourism brochure, like any other project by Explora, is made with pure love. It is designed to highlight Apayao’s conscious practices, natural marvels, and undocumented smiles reflect on paper and ink  


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