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A Peek Into the Colorful and the Curious: Quezon’s Tourism Brochure Edit

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Lorrianne Aryenz Valdecantos  • Contributor
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About Quezon

Being the largest province in Calabarzon, Quezon roughly covers 879,660 hectares of land. This mega province is teeming with old churches, mystical caves, dramatic beaches lined with golden sand, and mountains rich with thick foliage, mysteries, and secrets.

Quezon also cradles some of the most well-sought out pilgrimage sites in the country.

The province is famous for its colorful and over-the-top festivals, like the Pahiyas Festival of Lucban and the Araña't Baluarte Festival of Gumaca.

Quezon remains to be the cradle for beliefs, celebrations, and adventures for many of its patrons. 


The Quezon Brochure

The Quezon brochure draws inspiration from the province’s colorful traditions. The cover highlights the iconic colors of the Pahiyas Festival and the Niyugyogan Festival, the historic heritage houses, famous beaches, the rich food, and the province’s pride— the Lambanog. 


Quezon is known for its throat-scorching drink, the Lambanog. These distilled coconut nectars play a vital role in the drinking culture of the province. A traveler is welcomed in Quezon with a ‘tagay’ or a shot of Lambanog. The cultural practice of sharing one drinking glass shows the unity and friendship of Filipinos. 


It celebrates all of the strengths and uniqueness of each municipality of Quezon. Each of the 39 municipalities in the province is given space to shine and tell everyone their stories, take pride in what they do, and show what they can offer to the world. 


Made with love by Explora

The soul of Quezon is presented in the brochure—from the attractions, accommodations, directions, festivals, to the fun map. Giving importance to the pulse of the province is essential for the brochure to reflect the life and beauty of Quezon.


The fun map is Explora’s stamp of love shown through its painstaking designed and execution to capture the best features of Quezon. This map is also designed to be playful and to spark child-like giddiness among the readers. The illustrations on the maps are conceptualized and meticulously drawn one by one by the artists of Explora to mirror real maps but of course with the added fun twist. 

In addition, the texts and content included in the collaterals are thoroughly researched and verified by Explora Team and Volunteers in coordination with Quezon Provincial Tourism Office led by Alberto “Jun” Bay, Jr. and Governor David Suarez.


As always, the Quezon tourism brochure, like any other project by Explora, is made with pure love. It is designed to highlight Quezon and let its rich history, colorful culture, and breathtaking attractions come alive on paper and ink.

If you have any queries, email us at [email protected] We’d love to hear from you.

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