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Lambana FAQs Edit

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Lorrianne Aryenz Valdecantos  • Contributor
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How long is the show?

The adventure lasts for over an hour or approximately 75 minutes. The whole experience is highly engaging and fun, and besides Lambana has no sense of time whatsoever, you'll be surprised it's over so soon. 

How many people will be in the show?

Our group only consisted of 10, Lambana did mention that the maximum for every group is 15. It makes it easier for them to usher, divide and make the experience more intimate.

How is it different from other shows?

The immersive theater offers so much more when it comes to connections between actors and audience, whereas the traditional theater only lead their audience to the flow of their performance, immersive relies on the behaviors, the choices and the triggers of the audience, from there, the actors will then have to categorize their audience to what best their personality. 

Meaning, Lambana, like all immersive theaters, serves a more tailored performance for its audience.

Will it be scary?

It would be a lie to tell if I said that there were no screams and squeals during our run on Lambana. It is not specifically made to be scary, it is made to be an adventure, but then again, knowing you are in the land of mystic creatures, it is a little bit spooky.

Do you have an age limit?

Ideally, they only accept 12-year-olds and above. This is a precaution and a way to avoid unwanted accidents. 

They can make an exemption though. Just contact them before you they can accommodate you accordingly.

Can PWD with wheelchairs watch the show?

They offer assistance to those patrons who need it. Just make sure to contact them first


Are photos and videos allowed?

Our friends may not really appreciate having their pictures or videos taken. Besides, they can turn to smoke and disappear if you even try to have their picture taken.


Senior Citizens and PWDs can avail the 20% off discount upon presenting their IDs to the Front House of Lambana in Eastwood Mall

Students can also have a 15% discount on their tickets, just present a valid and updated school ID to the Lambana Front House. 

Bulk tickets

They also offer discounts on bulk tickets.

Small groups (7-20 persons) 10% discount

Big group (21-100 persons)  20% discount

Corporate (100 persons above) 30% discount

You can book your Lambana Experience here.

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