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Exploring Our Wall Street: A 1-Day Makati Itinerary Edit

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Colleen Cabili  • Contributor
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This itinerary covers three leisure destinations in Makati. It begins in Salcedo Saturday Market, where you can get a taste of various Filipino local food and maybe shop for Philippine native products.

The Salcedo Saturday Market only takes place once a week, so expect throngs of people eager to do their weekend shopping. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)
Wear comfortable footwear when you visit! You'll surely spend hours going through the variety of products the market has to offer. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)
These homemade delicacies in pretty packaging make good gifts and pasalubong! Yum! (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)
Add some oomph to your chinaware collection with these bejeweled utensils. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)

The market is located in Velasquez Park, which also has a playground where you can leave your kids if you're bringing them along.

The Saturday market is followed by a 10-minute walk to Ayala Triangle Gardens. Here you can hang out, marvel at its public art, run around, or play frisbee or badminton. 

Ayala Triangle Gardens on a sunny afternoon. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)
There's also an array of restaurants and cafés in the area in case you get hungry. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)
This 2-hectare urban oasis has more than a hundred trees that lend enough shade, which means you can relax just by sitting on a blanket on the grass. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)
Ayala Triangle Gardens' paved paths and well-kept surroundings make it a good jogging area too. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)

After resting in Ayala Triangle Gardens, head for Ayala Museum. Its most prominent galleries are the Diorama Exhibit and the Gold of Ancestors Exhibit. 

A set of gold adornments worn by our ancestors. Most of the precious artifacts in the exhibit were fashioned in the 16th century. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)
Gat Andres Bonifacio, as seen in this diorama, calls his Katipunan brothers to join the revolution against the Spanish colonizers. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)
Ayala Museum has a well-kept collection of miniature galleon ships. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)
The facade of the Ayala Museum. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)

The museum has four floors, showcasing the ingenuity of Filipinos in culture and art. A full-access admission pass costs 425php for non-Makati residents and 300php for students, PWDs, and senior citizens.

All three destinations are well looked after by security guards; leaving your kids to roam around shouldn't be a problem. (Photo courtesy of JR Felipe.)

The destinations are just a walking distance from each other. Only the Salcedo Saturday Market operates strictly during Saturdays. Otherwise, you may visit the Ayala Triangle and Ayala Museum on other days.


Getting to Salcedo Market by Taxi 

Tell the driver to bring you to Jaime Velasquez Park, at Leviste corner Toledo and Tordesillas Streets. The nearest landmark is the Ayala Triangle or the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Plaza.

Getting to Salcedo Market by Train and Jeep 

Take the MRT to Ayala Station. From MRT Ayala, get into a jeepney going to Ayala Avenue and ask the driver to drop you at the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) plaza. Then cross Paseo de Roxas Avenue and walk through the length of Sedeño Street. Turn right at the end and you'll see Salcedo Saturday Market at your left.

Have you been to any of these places? How was your experience? Share it with us below!

Original text by Michelle Tobias

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