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Tipsy Tales’ Lambana serves the right kind of Filipino Twist in an immersive theatrical experience Edit

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Lorrianne Aryenz Valdecantos  • Contributor
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Immersive theaters break the ‘fourth wall’ of acting and take away the border between the stage of the actors and the seat of the viewers. Through this experience, the audience will have a much closer look at what's happening on the play itself while actors will have the freedom to interact with their audience. 


Through Tipsy Tales’ Lambana, the stories of our Lolas about folklores of the horrific and mischievous creatures sharing the world with us will come true. As we reminisce over fond memories of us huddled together with our cousins in our dusty and creaky childhood bedrooms, none remembered the tiny cackles, the cold breeze, and the moving shadows but Lambana will make sure this time, we'll remember that feeling.

All of these stories are the backbone of Filipino children. They engraved fear into our bones and stamped our hearts with tales of these wicked entities living among us. But as these children grew older and our forest shredded into urban plans and modern times, these tales were forgotten, stored somewhere in our hearts, our engraved bones started to heal. Well, until Lambana decided to awaken them. 

So hush, the walls have ears, keep your eyes open, there are secret doors, windows to the other side, they might be watching your every move, waiting for the right moment to pounce, the right moment to whisk you away to the land where there’s full of turns, doors that lead nowhere from reality. 

With Tipsy Tales and immersive theater experience joining hands to create this masterpiece, they can rekindle the spark of Filipino folktales, help the newer generations to appreciate it, and take people down memory lane, of course with consequences.


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Hurry, the longer they wait, the more powerful they become. Reserve your tickets here and watch your childhood fears come to life. 

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