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Lyra de Leon  • Contributor
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Gastronomic delights await the sleepless.

If you get the impression that Manila’s CBD only consists of business-suited inhabitants, then no one has told you about a particularly vibrant, eclectic part of the town where you can meet all sorts at all hours. Welcome to Poblacion, Makati, home of titillatingly mind-numbing booze, ambrosial eats, and just about any kind of gastronomic delight you can imagine. In case you only have one night in town, here’s where to begin:

Start the night strong with an awesome Latin American meal at Empingao! Try the much-lauded Elena Ruiz sandwich, with its unusual combo of cream cheese, turkey, and strawberry jam filling. Sample crowd-fave salmon tacos, which consist of juicy slices of the fish nestling inside crunchy, hard-shell tacos. And order--this one here's a secret, since it's off-menu--the mofongo, a Puerto Rican concoction that's one part nutritious (thanks to the plantains) and all parts deliciously sinful (hello, bacon, pork belly, and chicharon).

The Workshop

“Boutique design/manufacturing studio and retail shop”—that’s how they describe themselves. True enough, they have leather accessories, tote bags, and even flasks, among other things, for sale at the premises. But come on a Friday at 6 pm onwards and The Workshop turns into a bar of sorts... the sort that’s jam-packed with people, most of them sipping gin buko from a coconut shell with the proverbial umbrella. That's right, gin buko. Refreshing and sweet, you won't expect the punch that will get you delightedly reeling into the night. 

A leather builders dream 💭

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Filling Station

Cap off the night with dessert at Filling Station. The decades-old diner, with its retro vibe and Instagram-worthy interiors, serves one of the best chocolate caramel cakes in town. Decadently creamy, this bestseller has layers of choco caramel frosting sure to hit that sweet spot after a night of raucous partying. Or why not meet the morning sun with a plate of Eggs Benedict or maybe a tower of blueberry pancakes? Talk about ending a night of gastronomic debauchery on a high note!

Z Hostel

Z Hostel is part of a new breed of hostels opening around the world that combines a higher standard of accommodation with a fun, social atmosphere. Every detail that you find in each room was well thought of to best suit the guest. 


Stylish 4-bed dorms! Perfect for those who want a good mix of privacy and sociability. 17.58 USD / PHP 879


The 6-bed and 8-bed dorm rooms also have a built-in sink inside the room for a quick fix-up without having to wait forever for the shower room. 14 USD / PHP 700

The Café gives you a taste of authentic Filipino cuisine, while the Z Roof Deck Bar offers great entertainment nightly by live artists and DJs, both local and international. It makes one wonder, how did this all come together?


Z Roof Deck Bar offers great entertainment nightly by live artists and DJs, both local and international.

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