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How to Spend a Day in the Palace: A 1-Day Malacañang Itinerary Edit

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Travelers planning to follow this trip can only visit all destinations on a day between Tuesday to Friday. The Presidential Museum and Library is closed on weekends, while the National Museum is closed on Mondays. The itinerary includes 2 museum, 2 churches, 1 vintage dining experience, and a short walking tour of historic houses and old palaces in the Malacañang vicinity. Please be advised that some of the destinations require reservations for security purposes.

Your Destinations

San Sebastian Church is the only church in the Philippines with a steel foundation.
The stained glass windows that flank the walls of the church let in an ample amount of sunlight, eliminating the use of artificial lights during daytime.
Its interiors are influenced by Gothic architecture.
To enter the Presidential Museum and Library, interested parties have to schedule an appointment at least 3 days before the intended visit.
The grand corridor is flanked with shelves upon shelves of reading materials.
A collection of various election paraphernalia of the country's past presidents are displayed in the middle of this room.

Casa Roces

Casa Roces looks like a well-kept home on the inside, giving us a glimpse of the dining experience that is served within its walls.
A statue of a newsboy for The Manila Times greets visitors upon entering the garden.
The restaurant's homey appeal is also felt on the choice of decor and furniture.

San Miguel Church

The imposing facade of the National Museum of the Philippines.
The museum is home to artifacts and collectibles that reflect the heritage of our nation.
One of the exhibits inside the museum. A collection of earthenware jars and kitchenware.


09:00am Assembly at the San Sebastian Church, the only steel-based Gothic church in Asia

09:30am Walk to San Rafael Street, going to Malacañang Complex

Marvel at the antique heritage houses

10:00am Presidential Museum and Library, P50/head, ID required.

No sleeveless, shorts, and flipflops. Requires reservation at least 7 days before the trip.

12:00am Lunch at Casa Roces, approx. P200/head

01:00pm Walk up and down Jose Laurel Street to see other historic houses, or walk directly south to visit the San Miguel Church

01:20pm San Miguel Church

View St. Michael's pure bronze statue

01:30pm Exit to the Malacañang checkpoint and continue walking until you reach Casal Street, the main road. Hop into a jeepney going to Taft Avenue and ask the driver to drop you at Rizal Park. Walk north to the National Museum.

01:45pm National Art Gallery of National Museum

03:15pm Tour the rest of National Museum

05:00pm End of Malacañang Heritage Trip


From Cubao, take the MRT 2 to Legarda Station, and then walk south west to San Sebastian Church (5 to 10mins). Alternatively, if you’re coming from the south, you may take the LRT 1 to United Nations Station, and then hop into a jeepney going to Mendiola. Ask the driver to drop you at San Sebastian Church.

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Original text by Michelle Tobias

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