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Day 6 of my 6-day Cavite Expedition: Mendez Edit

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Basil Mencias  • Contributor
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When we got to Mendez’ municipal hall, there were hardly any people. It was a Saturday and government employees had the day off. Still, a few minutes later, Councilor Delio Peñalba, came and gave us a warm greeting. He was to accompany us all over the town’s many sites for the day.



Upon waiting in the town hall for arrangements to be made, our host offered us snacks. We found familiar-looking small cube biscuits in convenient plastic packages named Jacobina. We enjoyed it so much we were each given packs to take home. Later, we also found out that it was locally made and just around the corner from where we were. 

We just had to visit. The bakery, named La Noceda Food Products, Inc., was decorated with Jacobina and other long-time favorites. We met with Ms. Felicitas Panganiban, a third-generation owner of the establishment. 

She took us inside where the biscuits were made. I think it’s safe to assume that we saw tens of thousands of the little treats carefully being shaped and baked inside a huge brick oven. They said they still use the original process of making them since it contributes to the taste more than the ingredients.


The name Jacobina has been a registered trademark since 1955 and its success over the years is quite evident. They currently ship their products to the USA, some Asian countries, and selected stores all over the country. The biscuit also got its brilliant packaging scheme from a Japanese company that absolutely loved them.


Yoki’s Farm

Yoki’s Farm is the biggest hydroponics farm in Cavite. For those of you who are new to the term, (like I was) it means growing vegetables without the use of soil. We went inside the front office and met Ms. Lauren Co, the manager. 

We had a lengthy conversation about the ins and outs of the unorthodox method they were using. She showed us healthy colorful batches of different lettuces. 


Although the advantages of hydroponics outweigh its disadvantages, it was still a difficult and expensive change to apply. Touring the farm, we saw rows and rows and rows of green mounted on long containers called grow trays. The work, they told us, was tedious. However, the yields easily compensate for them.


Also inside the eight-hectare farm were different exotic animals. A lot of colorful birds sing their melodies as we passed by. Pigs and rabbits coexist in a patch of land. They feed on 100% fresh produce. 


In the middle of it, was a sort of exhibit of the owner’s vast antique collection. Gigantic statues of different Asian heroes and idols were surrounded by smaller figures made of jade and iron and other stones and metals.

 We had a hell of a time taking pictures and just admiring the sheer size of the collection. Some of the items, we heard, were more valuable than cars.


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