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SOX: Your NEXT Food Destination Edit

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The undeniable beauty of its landscape, the diversity of its culture, and the flurry of its activities have lured visitors from near and far to the Philippines’ south-central Mindanao region.


Photo by: Allan Barredo | Mt. Matutum

SOCCSKSARGEN, or simply SOX, guarantees that those who embark on this journey will experience various phases of ecstasy in this region dubbed as the Philippines’ 12th paradise. 


Photo by: Hajar Kabalu | Lake Sebu Lotus Garden

SOX offers a sensory overload with its breathtaking sights, sounds, aromas, and textures. Then imagine all these wrapped in the region’s mind-blowing tastes.

To fully experience the region’s delights, one must go straight to the heart – or belly – of paradise. It is time to indulge in the Flavors of SOX.

Gensan Tuna Tour


GenSan’s cosmopolitan vibe reflects its stature as the commercial and industrial center of SOX. It is the undisputed Tuna Capital of the Philippines with it's Fish Port Complex unloading and processing 750 metric tons of fish per day. It’s no wonder, then, that the city has developed the GenSan Tuna Tour. 


A number of local restaurants here offers an array of food choices focusing on must-try tuna dishes. Here one can have sushi, sashimi or the favorite grilled tuna anytime he want without spending a lot. One can even have tuna lechon for a special occasion.

Tboli Ken


Part of every culture is its unique foods that reflect its environment and preferences. The Tboli Ken Food and Adventure Tour delight visitors as they stay in Gonu Bong, enjoying homestay services, sing, and dance with the Tbolis. 


Photo by: Neil Alvin Cuenca

Must-try foods include Onuk Haklafak , a unique Tboli dish of roasted native chicken, and Onuk Nelut, another native chicken dish cooked with spices in a bamboo stalk and uses Doun Mengi, a kind of leaves for covering. The natural flavors of these dishes will surely capture one’s taste buds.

Blaan Knaan


Not only is the Blaan tribe rich in history and culture but also rich in natural flavors. Whenever visitors come to a Blaan village, they are treated to simple yet warm hospitality by being offered local food cooked in customary ways. 

Among them is Alnolot, one of their special dishes. It uses native chicken as the main ingredient and cooked with spices including parsley, ginger, salt, and spring onions in a bamboo stalk called lolot.


Photo by: Neil Alvin Cuenca

Folo is another traditional Blaan delicacy done by soaking upland rice in water for few minutes then followed by wrapping it with banana leaves and cooked using bamboo stalk for about 15-20mins. These are then served in banana leaves and are ready to be enjoyed.

Matutum Fruit Trip


The municipalities of Polomolok and Tupi in South Cotabato situated at the foot of Mt. Matutum, the region’s most imposing landmark, hosts vast flowers, fruits, and pineapple plantations. 


Photo by: Allan Barredo | Mt. Matutum & Dole Pineapple Field

Visit different farms and bring home local products including fresh and dehydrated fruits, jams and juices from Sweet Valley and Kablon Farms; various durian delicacies at the Durian Garden; and choose from a wide array of fresh fruits at Tupi Fruit Park.

Talakudong Food Overload


The Talakudong Food Overload is Tacurong City’s version of a food tour package in a strip. Participating establishments highlights in their menus the best of regional cuisines, Filipino all-time favorites, and even international dishes inspired by other Asian and Europian gastronomy – all come in huge servings and at very affordable prices.

Halal Goodness


Cotabato City is one of the oldest settlements in Mindanao. Today, it serves as the regional center of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao although it is officially part of SOCCSKSARGEN.


The importance and emergence of Islamic and Maguindanaoan culture, specifically its cuisine led to the development of the Halal Goodness Food Tour in Cotabato City. This is meant to highlight the rich flavors of halal food to all people, not just Muslims, and throughout the year, not just during the holy month of Ramadan.


SOCCSKSARGEN’s diverse natural and man-made attractions can truly open opportunities for travelers to experience a most enjoyable stay in paradise.

And as all the other senses are overwhelmed by the beauty and mystique of SOX, let your taste buds further enrich the experience as you savor the Flavors of SOX.


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Tel. No.: (083) 520-1274/ 228-8667

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