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Lovely Ramos  • Contributor
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Far from the crowded streets and city buildings, the district of Villa de Arevalo offers a breath of fresh air. One could feel the island in the city feel, with the beach surrounding the progressive community. 

It is also the spot frequented by tourists all over the world for the annual Paraw Regatta, the oldest traditional craft event in Asia, and the largest sailing event in the country.


Paraw Regatta

Closer to nature, Villa is also touted as the “Flower Capital of Iloilo,” with the lush flower gardens selling fresh wreaths, bouquets, potted plants, leis, and corsages. 

But aside from its own wonders, what makes Villa the go-to place of locals and travelers is the wide range of classic Ilonggo gastronomic delights.


My beautiful Iloilo

First is the iconic Tatoy’s, known for its native litson manok and seafood dishes. Who would have known that this prestigious diner with such a huge space—nipa huts by the beach, airconditioned and non-airconditioned food halls, plus a conference area—started with just four tables?

 As a fisherman, its sole owner Tatoy knew where to get only the quality ingredients and in just short period time, his recipes have been favored by the locals and had eventually become the talk of the town.



Aside from being a mere diner, Tatoy’s has been a significant part of every Ilonggo’s life. From normal lunch outs, locals go to this place for every milestone that they share with their loved ones. 

Now, foreign and local personalities have also made their mark on this diner, and a visit won’t be complete without a photo opportunity with no less than Honorato “Tatoy” Tiburan Espinosa.

Tatoy's Manokan Iloilo

Another iconic restaurant in Villa is Breakthrough - Tatoy’s healthy competitor since 1986. It is mostly known for the succulent seafood dishes, served in the simple carinderia turo-turo display. It also serves native chicken inasal, so travelers are free to explore which one suits their taste.

With its peaceful environment and relaxed community, Villa remains the quick escape that is still within the vibrant city of Iloilo.


Baked Scallops of Breakthrough Iloilo

Getting there and around

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