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Around Town: Iloilo City Proper Edit

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Lovely Ramos  • Contributor
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At dusk, Iloilo’s River Wharf glistens alongside the wide peaceful skyline, and the street at the western side of it called Muelle Loney remains vibrant with pedestrians and passengers. Motorists crowd the thoroughfares, and landmarks show a combination of Iloilo’s rich heritage and urban development.

This is Iloilo City proper, a district that has received its name from the province’s Irong-Irong reference.


Muelle Loney

Now standing as the political and economic center, the district houses the main government building of the province of Iloilo and the seat of the City Government. Iloilo City Hall also shines with The City Gallery, an exhibit room that opened its doors in 2012, and a roof deck that offers a 360-view of the entire city.

For the ultimate history refresher, Museo Iloilo along Bonifacio Drive presents an astounding collection of the province’s cultural heritage—from native pottery and fossils to war relics and sculptures, to modern art made by no less than Ilonggo artists.


Art Exhibit 


Museo Iloilo

Plaza Libertad, where the flag of the first Philippine Republic was raised, is also amongst the famous landmarks of the district. Far from some of the abandoned and neglected plazas of Manila, this one is still well-maintained and frequented by locals, especially on weekends.


Plaza Libertad

Close to the look and feel of Escolta, on the other hand, is the iconic Calle Real, which has been officially named as J.M. Basa Street. With jeepneys and people passing by, as well as the sight of American era neoclassical beaux-arts and art deco establishments, such as the Villanueva Building, one could certainly immerse in the downtown culture of their community.


Calle Real

If there’s one food that travelers shouldn’t miss in Iloilo City Proper, then that must be Roberto’s siopao—generous in filling, big in size, and most importantly, great in taste for an affordable price. Just be patient as the line could get really long, especially during peak hours (lunch and merienda time).

With the fast movement of people and the power that sits in the district, it is wonderful how Iloilo City proper doesn’t intimidate—instead, it welcomes everyone with a positive spirit, rich cultural background, and good food. 


Roberto's siopao

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