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Karla Rey  • Contributor
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A chance to make bigger connections, introduce Explora to the world and spend time with people of the same interests, the Explora Team flew to Berlin to attend the Asia-Pacific Week Berlin 2019. 

This year's APW consists of 7 event days at 23 panel discussions, 22 startup pitches, over 40 keynotes, 5 workshops, a Hackathon and more. 

During the week-long APW, the Explora team were able to tour Berlin, establish new connections with founders of other start-up companies, get the chance to get closer to officials and representatives of Tourism departments of different countries. 

Through this, Explora aims to add more strings to their ropes of connections, in order to deliver a much more comprehensive and complete service that can serve the people better.


Photo credits: DTI Berlin and the Embassy of Philippines in Germany

Press Release

Since 1997, the Asia-Pacific Week Berlin (APW) has been the most important platform in Germany for dialogue and cooperation with Asian partners from the spheres of business, culture, academia, and politics. It is revered as Europe’s most important exchange forum, which continues to focus on startups and their ecosystems in order to internationalize the economic relations of our countries and thus make them sustainable for the future. Held last month in the German capital, the Philippines was proudly represented by Explora, among other startups.

Explora.ph is a one-stop travel shop that covers the Philippines’ most unique attractions, activities, and accommodations that travelers may not find anywhere else on the web. A brainchild of JR Felipe and Perry Sumakote, Explora’s website and newly launched app bring over 1,500 curated attractions straight to your devices. With a user-friendly interface and streamlined information of each travel destination, it continues to be at the forefront of the digital transformation of the country’s tourism industry.



Photo credits: DTI Berlin and the Embassy of Philippines in Germany

“We were absolutely thrilled when we received the invitation from Dr. Rainer Seider, Head of Unit, Foreign Trade, European Economic Policy, Development Cooperation to participate in this year’s APW. It was a meaningful conference where we were able to expand our networks and proved an ideal opportunity for us to learn how global topics affect us in our corner of the world,” says Sumakote.

Also in attendance at APW was Her Excellency, Theresa Dizon-De Vega, Philippine Ambassador to Germany, as well as Dr. Rafaelita Aldaba, DTI Undersecretary Competitiveness and Innovation Group (CIG) who made the presentation of the Philippines’ legislative and programmatic support for startups in the country.

“We greatly appreciate the support that the Philippine Embassy in Germany and DTI gave us during the event. We had fruitful and forward-looking dialogues and excited for the future of innovation in the Philippines,” says Felipe.

The dynamic team of Explora, being the game changers that they are, work in partnership with local government units, and are solely dedicated to unearthing all that the Philippines has to offer domestic and foreign travelers alike. “Our big goal is to showcase all of the Philippines, every single city, province, and island, represented and ready for you to get to know via our site,” Sumakote expounds. “With everything we’ve learned from APW and the enthusiasm from our collaborators, we know we are on the right track with Explora.


Photo credits: DTI Berlin and the Embassy of Philippines in Germany

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