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SOX and How to Enjoy it in 10 Activities Edit

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Lorrianne Aryenz Valdecantos  • Contributor
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SOX and How to Enjoy it in 10 Activities

SOCCSKSARGEN or South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Sarangani and General Santos City is situated in Mindanao and yes, we’ve all heard it, the bombing, terrorist attacks and more but quite contrary to the popular misconception, not the whole Mindanao is under fire and once you’ve convinced yourself that that fear is irrational, SOX is actually quite a place to visit. 

White Water River Tubing in Maitum, Sarangani

Ride or die. If your usual white water rafting using a rubber boat is not scratching your adventure itch, then this might do the trick. Aboard a simple salbabida, tied to your guide’s other salbabida, you’ll brave the urgent and unforgiving river, with only a few ropes attached to your salbabida as your saving grace


See 7 waterfalls in one go at Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Zoom through seven waterfalls in Lake Sebu in this ultimate experience. Only two out of the seven are accessible on foot and you just have to deal with the fact that the other five, you’ll only get a glimpse once. 


Diving at Maasim, Sarangani

Jump into the deep and frankly what’s a vacation without a little bit of diving experience. A beginner-friendly but uncompromised diving spot awaits at Maasim


Escape literally everything at Gumasa Beach in Glan Sarangani

Forget your worries and even let them float away from you at this beach that offers no other than solitude. We all know that tan lines are the only things that matter during summer. 


Get Lost in Thought at Lake Sebu

Breathe in the serenity Lake Sebu offers. Its tranquil surroundings are perfect for people who just want to hang and chill enveloped by nature.


Reconnect with Nature at Sarangani Highlands

Bond with nature at this quite confusing Sarangani Highlands located at GenSan. Don’t get lost! The owners are actually from Sarangani and they named their business after their hometown as an ode. 


Pacquiaos. Period.

Visit our ‘pambansang kamao’s houses when you drop by GenSan. Don’t let the exterior fool you though, inside his mansion is far more luxury we can all afford combined. Fans of Mommy D, anyone? She lives near Manny’s house and you can swing by and who knows, you might see her in person.


Veranza Mall, for Shopaholics at Heart

Walk leisurely at this mall and cool yourselves, as nature can bring both cold breeze and hot temperature in a snap. Whether you are on the hunt for some luxury items at a steal price (there are some high-end outlet stores here) or you are just missing your usual concrete jungle, this mall is a great place to pass by some time.

Best Eats

Stuff yourselves with local eats around the island. There is definitely a list of what you should try to make sure SOX will mark a place in your hearts. From Balbakuas to spicy chocolates and different dishes from pineapples, the SOX will touch every place of your tastebuds


Photo by Imgrum

Apareja’s Buko halo-halo in Koronadal

Practice your halo-halo mixing skill and scoop a spoonful of this halo-halo that deserves a separate number from the list! Served in a freshly cracked buko, this overflowing meryenda is the hole in your heart once you leave SOX.  


Photo by: Trip Advisor

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