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Cuyo Island, Palawan Edit

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Angela Bautista  • Contributor
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Last 2016, part of our itinerary in Palawan is to spend 2 days in an Island named Cuyo. My officemate lives there- the main reason behind our overnight stay in that not-much-familiar-island. Hesitant at first because we have no idea of what it looks like but our short stay there left us speechless with its white sand and clear water.

For it is still unknown by most tourists, we felt like we bought the island to ourselves. Still not commercialized, there was no entrance fee, no businesses around and remains unexploited.

“The Cuyo Islands, a group of about 45 islands lying to the northeast of the Philippines island of Palawan. It lies south of Mindoro and between Northern Palawan and Panay, with an area of 22 square miles and is about 9 miles long.”

We went there by ferry from Ilo-ilo.

Montenegro Shipping Lines

Iloilo to Cuyo: Departs the port of Iloilo every Saturday at 0800H and arrives Cuyo at around 1600H of the same day. Fare: Economy – P695. Fiesta – P834. Mabuhay- P1,043.

Add this when you go to Palawan, don't just visit the Top 3. Explore the road less taken and you will be amazed.

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Much love,

Angela Bautista


Welcomed us.


Another white sand beach in the Philippines.


Looks like we own this place. 


Sand bar.


Endless blues.


Perfect also for snorkeling.


Thank you!

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