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Boracay 2.0 Edit

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Angela Bautista  • Contributor
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It has always been in my bucket list to travel alone but it seems to be impossible to do because of these factors:

1. My family, especially my mom, won't allow it

2. My boyfriend is against it as well

and lastly...

3. I am scared to travel all by myself. I doubt myself.

Then the perfect time came. I gathered all the courage to be independent, to take the risk and forget every worry and what if in my head.

Last May 2018, I booked a ticket to Caticlan. This was supposed to be for my 25th birthday but due to the closure of Boracay I needed to reschedule for a later date. After re-booking, I told my family and boyfriend about it. They were hesitant and very concerned at first but after explaining my reasons, brief negotiations, and the “25 years old nako” ard was pulled out, they were convinced and were fine with it.

Day 1:

I had my hair braided, tried the famous Jonah’s shake, Real’s Calamansi Muffin, and walked around from Station 1 to 3. I appreciated the come back beauty of Boracay! 



I also tried paddle boarding and witnessed the most beautiful sunset! 


Against the light. But then again, sometimes you have to find your light and shine within. #deep

If you know me, you’d know that I love taking pictures when traveling. So, obviously, the only disadvantage of traveling solo is not knowing who and how my photos will be taken!

So for this travel note, expect selfies and photos from camera timers. I don't event have a tripod nor a monopod. Eventually, I resorted to asking tourists and tour guides to take my photos. Haha! 


Selfie gaming when traveling alone


Asked kuya if I can take pictures in his boat. thanks!!!

As I promised to my mom and boyfriend, no drinking sessions nor nightlife for me. I'm totally fine with it since it's for my safety anyway. And I know that I don't need an alcoholic drink to have fun and enjoy my time in Boracay. As the sun set, it was really dark near the shore. No parties, no drunk tourists.


Sunset!!!! The most beautiful. 

Day 2:

I decided to wake up early to catch the sunrise.


Set the phone on timer and placed on top of my bag and hat.

Then I was off to Puka Beach via motorcycle. I asked my driver to be come with me to the beach for picture purposes, she thankfully obliged. I was comfortable with her taking my pictures wearing just my bikini since she is also a girl. Haha! 


In Puka Beach.

Brunch was set in Spicebird located inside D Mall. I loved their 4 signature sauces! Of course, I made sure to try all of them with the pork chop that I ordered.

While there, I met a beki who became my friend. She was traveling alone too. She asked me to take photos of her near the Grotto and said “sawa na ko kaka-selfie e”. I felt her. Haha!


Ate Kim asked me to do this pose. haha, daming alam.

Day 3:

I woke up early again to swim and take photos for the last time. I cried on my way back to my room. 




Sea and me.

Angela 2.0: My Realizations

It is ok:

1. to be dark/ tanned

2. to have short hair

3. to eat anything I like/crave

4. to travel alone

5. to wear anything I want

6. to have big thighs

7. to be lost

8. to have flaws and imperfections


To show how white is Bora's white sand. It is whiter than me.

Boracay 2.0

I noticed:

1. The place is really clean, saw no littered items

2. I felt safe since there were guards roaming all the time

3. They sweep the sand every morning. It is safe to walk barefoot.

4. Drones are not allowed.

5. Making sand castles are not allowed too.

6. Boracay’s white sands are the finest.

7. It has the most beautiful sunset.

8. Restaurants are expensive.

9. There were more Koreans than Filipinos. Haha! Just kidding!

10. I still, don't know why they are wearing heels. 




1153 3D2N Boracay Backpackers Hotel

816 Airfare

392 Grab to airport

700 Southwest Tour (includes bus transfer, boat, van to the hotel, environmental fee)

200 hair braid

147 Jonah’s Mango banana shake

65 Calamansi muffin

120 paddle board

600 Mango Spa massage

200 tip

420 Aria’s carbonara

450 Motor Roundtrip fare to puka

300 Pasalubong Pearls for mami and me

295 brunch porkchop in Spicebird

500 seafood dinner

750 calamansi muffin pasalubong

50 towel

150 trike to port

25 bangka

100 terminal feee

75 trike

301 Grab from airport to house


P7809 total expenses


See the line where the sky meet the sea, it calls me...

I finally conquered my fear of traveling alone. This was my first solo travel but definitely will not be the last!

Where to next? Any suggestions please?

Please follow on:

Facebook: ABaut Life 


Instagram: @aangelabautistaa

Much love,

Angela Bautista 


Please take me back!

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