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CEBU - Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA), the Department of Tourism’s (DOT) partner in hosting Routes Asia 2019 in Cebu pledges its support to the agency's pursuit of sustainable tourism through their 50-year master plan which envisions a passenger-friendly and sustainable airport.

“By increasing the throughput of people going in and out of the Philippines that will also increase our economy, and our tourism, and it will have a multiplier effect on the community around us.” Atty. Steve Dicdican, Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA)’s General Manager and CEO stated.


Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority General Manager and CEO Atty. Steve Dicdican, proud co-host of this year Routes Asia 2019 together with the Department of Tourism

In terms of sustainability, the MCIA is currently utilizing its seven upgraded sewage treatment plants.

Moreover, the MCIAA is also considering proposals for reusing treated wastewater in addition to their plans to use rain water catchments in order to more efficiently satisfy the water requirements of the airport without using too much ground water.


The airport is also looking into more energy-efficient utilities that will add to the solar panels already in use.

As part of the MCIA’s 50-year master plan, these developments are expected to ensure more sustainable water and electrical utility systems in the future.


Routes Asia itself, a major gathering of route development and aviation industries in pursuit of new trends and developments, mounted by MCIAA and DOT, was also noted to practice sustainability through the usage of recycled paper throughout the event, thereby reducing carbon impact on the environment by 28 percent, and using LED bulbs instead of shell scheme lights, reducing its impacts to 80 percent.

In addition, Routes also continues to support its charity partner, the Alder Hey Children's Charity in building a 4D Immersive Distraction Room for its hospital.


In light of the recent changes in travel trends and the environment, such practices are deemed imperative in ensuring a sustainable growth in the tourism industry and instilling the practice of responsible tourism among visitors, tourism establishments, airlines and airports alike.

The said master plan aims at growing the airport capacity to receive 50 million passengers per annum, five times its current arrivals to date.

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