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My Lalim Event Experience Edit

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Raphael Estrat  • Contributor
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My experience at the Lalim event on April 14, 2019

I decided to participate in this event to try SCUBA diving.  Since I enjoy to snorkeling and seeing the beautiful creatures of the sea but I'm a little afraid of being dependent on an air tank 10 meters under the water, I considered that since the LALIM Try Scuba Dive event was going to be held in a secure place (the Scuba Academy Manila pool in Makati), this event can be good to try out.

The flow of the event

I arrived for the 1 PM session. the other participants and I entered a small room that served as our classroom. We were seated around a table with some snacks. Once everyone arrived, Kevin, the instructor introduced us to the session. To break the ice, we had to talk with one another and introduce the person beside us. It was funny. 


Kevin talking about the different parts of the SCUBA unit.

After the theory bit of the event, it was time to practice! We equipped ourselves: palm, jacket, heavy belt and mask and splashed in the pool! We split into two groups with one instructor per group of four participants. We learned the basics at the part of the pool which was just 4 feet deep (where you're able to stand immediately in case you get uncomfortable)

The basics we learned:

how to breathe through a regulator, remove the water from your mask in case any get in, go up, down, decompress, how to recover the tube to breathe if it leaves the mouth, ... it is not very natural to do this under water but it is not very complicated

We are ready, we can go deeper. In the 4 meters part of the pool. When you go down, the pressure is very painful to the ear but the monitor beckoned me to use the technique previously learned for pressure and it is much better. at the bottom of the deep pool, we redo the exercises.

we went out after 1:30, I did not see the time. I took a shower and we ended up in the room for a court briefing and eating some cakes.


Is it a good experience?

Yes, because the team is friendly and professional, you are in security and well monitored. Breathing under the water is not so complicated, it is very important to decompress his ears to not hurt and if this is done there is no more difficulty. The fear that I had to be underwater for a long time it turned into a sense of inconvenience.

But I will try the experience in the ocean because I think this feeling will be forgotten when I will be in front of the underwater beauty…


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