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Top 9 Beach Destinations in the Philippines Edit

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David Kelvin  • Contributor
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Are you ready for summer?

Gear up and get destination ideas through this list.

Top 9 Beach Destinations in the Philippines (in no particular order)

  1. Jomalig
  2. Quezon
  3. Boracay Island
  4. Aklan
  5. El Nido
  6. Palawan (Maremegmeg Beach)
  7. Cobrador Island
  8. Romblon
  9. Kalanggaman Island
  10. Leyte
  11. San Vicente
  12. Palawan
  13. Pagudpud
  14. Ilocos Norte
  15. Samal Island
  16. Davao City
  17. Panglao Island
  18. Bohol

1. Salibungot Beach, Jomalig, Quezon

Located at the southwestern end of Jomalig, Salibungot Beach offers a long stretch of pristine coastline with orange (golden) sand, clear blue waters, and a stunning view of the sunset. Read more

Jomalig Island DIY itinerary


2. White Beach in Boracay Island

The most photographed beach in the Philippines, Boracay's White Beach is an iconic tropical marvel in Asia. The sand is as fine as talcum powder, and stretches an overwhelming four kilometers. Read more

If you're planning to head to Boracay, you might want to check out this travel guide. Also, see what you should expect at the REVAMPED Boracay Island.


The "New" Boracay White Beach. (Photo by Philip Familara)

3. Maremegmeg Beach

Corong-Corong’s go-to sunset spot, this generous stretch of white sand is a great place to hang out even during the day. Read more

More Maremegmeg photos here


Photo by @converseandwanderlust

According to CNNGo, the travel news website of CNN, El Nido in Palawan is one of the Philippines’ best beaches and island destinations because of its "extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem." It is frequently called the Philippines' last frontier and is ranked No. 14 among the CNN's Top 100 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World. 

El Nido Trip and Itinerary Guide for First-Timers. Click here


For 2 years in a row (2016 and 2017), Palawan bagged the #1 spot for the "best island in the world" according to the international travel magazine Travel + Leisure. (Photo grabbed from @naisty_nice)

4. Cobrador Island, Romblon, Romblon

Forty minutes by boat from Romblon Island, Cobrador offers about six uncrowded white beaches. The island also features an emerging giant green sea turtle sanctuary and a cool cliff jumping site. Read more

See more photos of Cobrador Island


Photo by thepharchipelago


Photo by @mynilaph

Jumping into summer on a budget? We've got you! Here's a list of top 10 resorts in Romblon that will fit right in any budget range. 

5. Kalanggaman Island, Leyte

2019 Budget Travel Guide to Kalanggaman Island + DIY Tips


Photo by @pisandocontinentes

6. San Vicente, Palawan

Spanning an insane 14.7km, San Vicente’s Long Beach is the longest beach in the Philippines. Walking from end to end would take you about 4 hours! San Vicente is most known for the backpacker’s village Port Barton, its chill vibes and homey community, island hopping sites, diving areas, and waterfalls. 

Read the Travel Guide to San Vicente: Palawan’s Backpackers Lounge 


Cover photo from San Vicente Tourism Office. Graphics by Manel Solsoloy.


This lovely beach is Alona Beach in Bohol.

7. Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

The Boracay of the North: White sandy beaches and crystal clear, blue waters. Pagudpud is found at the northernmost tip of Luzon Island, in the Philippines. Unlike Boracay, however, this seaside town is a bit laidback. 

Recently, Pagudpud gained popularity among beach-goers because it offered another beach destination option that one can reach without flying. 

Travel Guide to Ilocos Norte. Learn more

DIY 2 Days Budget Trip to Ilocos Norte. Read here


Photo by www.trover.com


Photo by @elly_lhie

8. Samal Island, Davao City

The Garden City of Samal is one of the most developed vacation destinations in the Philippines and has a good number of white and pink sand beaches as well as world-class resorts including Kaputian Beach Resort, the famous Pearl Farm, and the Paradise Island. Samal also boasts abundant marine reefs and crystal blue waters. 


Vanishing Island


Kaputian Island


Pearl Farm (Photo by wanderwisdom.com

9. Panglao, Bohol

Bohol is locally popular for its white beaches in Panglao, Anda, and Pungtud, and internationally-known for its dive site in Balicasag. 

Read the Travel Guide to Bohol here


Photo by juntos_viajando


Photo by @driftersandlovers

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