Ang Huling El Bimbo: A musical told through the songs of the most iconic 90s Pinoy band Edit

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Francis Aguirre  • Contributor
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Inspired by the Filipino rock legend Eraserheads, the band was formed in 1989, with songs that are still relevant for decades. Ang Huling El Bimbo joins the line of musicals that uses songs of famous musical artist or group to highlight a narrative on stage. Their songs are expertly put together to build the story of friends who have lost their relationships, and their unexpected reunion years later.

Whether you’re heartbroken or just ecstatic about school break, Eraserheads got a song for you. The band left a great legacy that when it was announced there will be a musical featuring E-heads songs, everyone seemed excited.

5 things you should expect from Ang Huling El Bimbo the musical:

1. I'ts a story that focuses on friendship and loyalty. The story will revolve around high school friends who drifted apart in adulthood and their reunion. 

2. Expect a lot of Eraserheads songs that will be used in the production and are chosen to suit the story. 

3. It's a star studded production. The production will be filled with celebrities, who professed they are fans of the band themselves. Gian Magdangal said that he grew up listening to Eraserheads and makes him reminisce his past. “When I hear the songs, they just take me back to good memories of being with friends, playing basketball, and even having my first crush,” he said.

4. It’s a musical production for everyone- fans of Eraserheads or NOT.  While there will be hard to please fans, the production is hopeful that they will satisfy the audience with the story and performance. 

Actor Jon Santos said they will give the audience a musical that “would resonate.” “All the songs are timeless, so we’re going back to the story and how the songs will be sung and what the message of the songs are. If you love the theater and if you love characters, we’re hoping you will love this musical,” he said.

5. Reminisce the 90's. Ang Huling El Bimbo musical may bring back all the things you love about Eraserheads and will continue to resonate in the hearts of most Filipinos. 


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Ang Huling El Bimbo Tips

1. 'Wag ma-late, beat the traffic

Umalis ng maaga sa bahay or opisina. Tambay ka muna. A few hours is better than never. Show start on time. 

2. 'Wag kang matakot, madaming parking

Kung mahaba ang pila na Newport Mall, meron pa sa Newport Grand Wing, Holiday Inn Express Manila Newport City at Stell Parking

3. Bogchi ka muna (o pagkatapos ng show)

Dahil may ticket ka, may 30% off ka sa Resorts World Manila sihnature restaurants. Pero reminder, bawal ang food at drinks sa loob ng theater.

4. Bumili ng mura at sari-saring souvenir items

Available sa Tindahan ni Aling Nena na nasa theater vestibule. Bili ka na rin ng Ang Huling El Bimbo Original Cast Recording at gamitin theme song sa araw-araw mong road trip. 

5. Mag-unwind sa El Calle.

Lahat ng feelings at questions mo after the show idaan mo sa maboteng usapan! 

6. May free RWM shuttle ride ka pauwe

No more waiting for the bus, just present your show ticket and redeem an exit ride voucher at the Customer Care Center located at the Ground Floor, Maxims Hotel.

Sa huli, be sure meron kang jacket, scarf, handkerchief, 2-ply tissue, at MAS matibay na puso. Kakailanganin mo, promise. 

Produced by Resorts World Manila and Full House Theater Company, Ang Huling El Bimbo is written by Dingdong Novenario, and directed and choreographed by Dexter Santos.

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