7 Reasons Why Tagaytay is the Perfect Place to Celebrate Valentine's Day Edit

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Unwind and take in the fresh mountain air at about 2,000 ft above sea level. Nestled on the ridge of a Mountain, and cool in more ways than one, Tagaytay has a lot to offer in food choices, nature, and awe-inspiring views. We’re sharing Tagaytay’s most datable and (instagrammable spots) with you. 

With its picturesque views, cool weather, and good food, add to that private dining for two and an outdoor movie, of The Purple Owl, then you’ve got yourself a winner.


(Photo by wherelovetakes_us)

The beautiful modern Museo Orlina houses some of the best glass work of the renowned Filipino artist and glass sculptor Ramon Orlina. A treasure trove of inventive and scintillating glass pieces by a pioneer of the craft. The amazing and unique visions of the world-renowned glass sculpture come to life in one of the Philippines premiere museums.  


(Photo by llanosdee)

If the mountain of Tagaytay is still not a high enough vantage point for you then why not go even higher at the Sky Ranch. This leisure park has a variety of different rides for the thrill seekers and chill loungers. Zip lines, roller coasters, Gondola swings and other exciting activities are mixed in with your horseback riding, carousels, and kid-friendly play zones. Truly a place for the whole family to enjoy. 


(Photo by stevenviscayno_)

Sonya’s Garden has got the healing touch. This bed and breakfast while soothing your aching body and fill your hungry belly with its assortment of healthy salads and sauces. 


(Photo by yasmien_kurdi)

You and your beau can pamper yourselves at Nature Wellness Village, with their authentic Filipino massages and body treatments.


(Photo by naturewellnessvillage)

Soak your weary bones and find your center at Qui Wellness Living. With its Yin Yang, hot and cold pools, an array of reflexology massages, and body scrubs, its complete sensory journey that you should not miss out on.


(Photo by qiwellnessliving)


(Photo by elacastro)

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