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Perry Sumakote  • Contributor
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The Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement (PCHM) presents a one-day food

conference and taste workshop at St. Scholastica’s College on November 24,

2018 to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of Filipino cuisine.

The first part of the event are series of talks bringing together Filipino farmers, culinary historians, chefs and gastronomic experts from the local food industry to discuss how we can influence local food cultivation and establish preservation initiatives that can transform the eating landscape.

The conference highlights the vision of PCHM to educate and preserve Filipino

culinary heritage and traditions. 


Jam Melchor, Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement, Founder and President (Photo from F&B Report)

“Our work at PCHM has been always about preserving Filipino cuisine. We believe that educating people, especially through taste, is the best way to


(L-R) Jack Flaminiano, Ige Ramos, Nina Puyat, Nana Ozaeta, Jam Melchor


The conference is followed by a Taste Workshop, a collaboration dinner with

chef and food advocates featuring selected local produce in a gathering at

Fridenshaus Hotel School inside St. Scholastica’s College, Manila. The dinner

will feature dishes, desserts and drinks prepared by Chefs such as Chris De

Jesus of Provenciano, Nino Laus of Agimat, Jac Laudico of Guevarra’s and

Patrick Go of Black Sheep fame. Each will have the opportunity to present a

Filipino dish, working with farmers and select produce. “Each chef will highlight

a specific produce from the farmers and some of the chefs will be using regional

heirloom recipes,” Chef Jam promises.


Chef Chris de Jesus of Provenciano 


Chef Jac Laudico of Guevarra’s


Chef Patrick Go of Black Sheep at Pasong Tamoo (Photo by Cheryl Tiu)


Featured farmers and producers for the evening include Pamora Farms,

Balangay’s Best, Teraoka Farms, Down to Earth, Seeds and Fruits Multipurpose

Cooperative, Lucciole Family Farm & Kalinga Heirloom Project. The event will

also be supported by Destilleria Limtuaco, Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates,

MNL Growkits, Commune, Siglo Modern Filipino, Mama Sita Foundation, F&B

Report & Explora.ph


“This is the 2nd leg of the only all Filipino Food Conference and Taste Workshop.

We have lined up powerhouse speakers, knowledgeable in their specific field

and topics as well as chefs who have passionately crafted a menu which

showcases the local and sustainable produce from the farmers,” Chef Jam

proudly exclaims.

Chef Jam Melchor shares this hopeful vision. “May the activity brings awareness

to Filipinos about our own food and its importance to our culture.” PCHM

encourages everyone to think and eat at Philippines on a Plate 2018: Filipino

food Conference and Taste Workshop.

The State of the Filipino Plate Conference is from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM at St.

Scholastica’s College, priced at P 2000 for students and P2500 for

professionals. Part of its proceeds will be donated to PCHM’s charitable causes.

Reserve your slot, book online here: Filipino Food Taste Workshop 2018

Here's the official programme of the event



The Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement is a SEC registered, non-profit

organization established in 2014 that engages the community, to uphold Filipino

food as part of the cultural identity, dignity and pride. It aspires to influence,

educate and celebrate Filipinos all over the world, one dish at a time.


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