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Explora’s Co-Founders Represent the PH at StartUp AsiaBerlin 2018 Edit

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MIDDLE ROAD, SINGAPORE — Explora’s Co-Founders JR Felipe and Perry Sumakote are delegates representing the Philippines at the annual StartUp AsiaBerlin. Attended by 16 delegates from Berlin, Singapore, Philippines, India, and Indonesia, this gathering connects startup ecosystems in Germany and in Asia, and is well attended by entrepreneurs, business accelerators, and investors.

This six-day event held in Singapore and Jakarta aims to enable direct collaboration between startups and startup ecosystem builders to share ideas, find partners, and create a global ecosystem.

In the coming days, Co-Founders JR Felipe and Perry Sumakote will be presenting its nationwide project Explora.ph with the intention of connecting with similar-minded individuals around the globe sharing the same passion and values in the startup business, technology, or travel industry.

With the goal of centralizing up-to-date travel information and online bookings for tours and hotels in the Philippines, Explora is also building a local community of game changers comprising of travelers, creatives, and travel-oriented service providers.

The Philippine startup ecosystem is still in its infancy, but innovation is picking up and it is expected to further accelerate with a number of public-private initiatives laid down. Currently, there are over 150 startups in the Philippines. This number is set to increase up to 500 with a total valuation of US$2 billion by 2020.

StartUp AsiaBerlin was launched during the Asia-Pacific Week 2016 by the State of Berlin in collaboration with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

Since 2018, the project is implemented by enpact e.V. with the support of partners on the ground—Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and Z Nation Lab in India, HI Indonesia, German Accelerator Southeast Asia in Singapore, Impact Hub Manila, MDEC in Malaysia, and National Innovation Agency in Thailand.


All photos from StartUp AsiaBerlin.

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