Explora Movers 4: Sustainable Tourism through Food, Culture and Adventure Edit

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Brian Kevin  • Contributor
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Written by Audrey Briones | Photographed by Brian Felix

All things beautiful are delicate. Ironically, when we love something, we tend to abuse it. Knowing the culture, politics and the economy of a community you visit is never enough. And being aware is far more different than acting upon certain issues.

Our fourth Explora Movers meetup was about Sustainable Tourism. We welcome two passionate game changers in the Philippine Tourism, Ann Dumaliang of Masungi Georeserve and Chef Jam Melchor of Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement. Both speakers inspired us to spoil ourselves with all things beautiful and exciting, but at the same time be mindful on how we impact our environment for sustainable tourism.


(L-R) JR Felipe, Ann Dumaliang, Perry Sumakote, Chef Jam Melchor


Ann Dumaliang, National Geographic Young Explorer and Project Manager of Masungi Georeserve, proved that we can contribute to sustainable tourism through Geotourism.


Ann Dumaliang, National Geographic Young Explorer and Project Manager of Masungi Georeserve


Photo by @jerikareyes

According to Ann, Geotourism is more deliberate compared to ecotourism. It follows principles that enable man to exist in harmony with nature which include: (a) protection and enhancement of integrity and character of place (b) market selectivity & diversity, (c) guest interpretation and satisfaction, (d) community involvement & benefit, (e) planning and land-use for conservation and resources.

These principles are their guide that is eminent through their current policies on accredited agencies and allowable guests. You can read it here.


"You have to savor our own flavor!"

This is what Chef Jam Melchor believed for us to commit to sustainable tourism. According to the nationally acclaimed chef and director of Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement, the Philippines should allow a food culture revolution. By this, the Filipino cuisine will continuously live and ideas will flourish.


Chef Jam Melchor, Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement

To further his cause in the recognition of Filipino cuisine, he started a petition to recognize it as a national heritage. And his efforts were awarded as the president signed Presidential Proclamation No. 469, s. 2018 which declared the month of April to be the "Buwan ng Kalutong Pilipino" or "Filipino Food Month." This will help them to educate and inform more ordinary Filipinos on how rich and full of potential Philippine gastronomy is.

As he end his talk, he left a message to everyone: "To support sustainable tourism through food, all we need to do is to stir the palayok in the right direction. Explore our own country and expose our taste buds to the Filipino taste.

Watch the live video

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