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5 Things to Expect at the REVAMPED Boracay Island Edit

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Michelle Tobias  • Contributor
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Cover photo by JR Felipe. Graphics by Michelle Tobias.


When I lived in Boracay a few years ago, it left me the impression of a freedom-loving island with no walls, no borders, no laws. Boracay accepted anyone and everyone, by the hordes, hundreds, and even thousands.

But you see, the island is so tiny. This bone-shaped, mythical paradise is only seven kilometers long, and riding a motorcycle from end to end would take only 15 minutes.

With more than half a million tourist arrivals just for the month of May—that’s more than 28 times its carrying capacity!—you can imagine what kind of hysteria Boracay had been keeping behind its party-island facade all these years.

Its six-month rehabilitation wasn’t just wanted—it was necessary. While Boracay’s recovery has a long way to go, there still is a big chance to reclaim its classic, tropical beauty.

Today, this globally acclaimed paradise is once again opening its doors to travelers. Despite all the bad publicity, we promise you that its epic, four-kilometer stretch of White Beach is still as sublime and soft as baby powder.

Nothing else in the world compares to this.

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Here are 5 things to expect at the revamped Boracay Island:

1. You’ll be traveling along unfinished roads

In six months, the roadwork on the island is only a little over 60% finished. Locals predict the whole road-widening project will be finished by around March of next year. Expect noise from road construction, dusty areas, and mud during rainy days.


Photo by Bong Arban. View more photos of the main road and the back beach.

2. Expect recovering ‘traumatized’ employees

Because of the sudden six-month layoff, about 30,000 employees were displaced, most of them scrambling for something to feed themselves and their families with. Yes, they received financial aid, but that was not enough. This was a traumatic experience for them that the island’s overall mood may be gloomy.


Photo from Romblon News Network.

3. Discover a more serene atmosphere

With the newly revamped island, I’m sure travelers from all over the world will even be more determined to step here and see Boracay for themselves. While its tourist demands will continue to rise, do expect a more serene atmosphere for the time being, with less crowds, less loud music, and less wild parties.


Boracay Station 1. Photo by JR Felipe. See more photos of White Beach.

4. You’ll need to show your hotel reservations to enter

The government has just imposed a 19,000 tourist capacity at any given time on Boracay. Upon entry, you will need to produce proof of your hotel reservations in order to enter the island. To make reservations, you can pick from our listing of government-accredited hotels here.


Shangri-La, one of the private resorts in Boracay. Book your hotel here.

5. You’ll have to strictly follow a new set of rules

Island residents are now coming together to police visitor and tourist activities. While there were a few rules in the past, these new ones are much more specific and direct, factoring in the well-being of Boracay’s environment and its people.


Infographic by Pamela Ramos of ABS-CBN News.

Are you ready to see the new Boracay? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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