Top 3 Destinations for Solo Travelers in the Philippines Edit

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Kristine Reynaldo  • Contributor
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Cover photo by Lost Juan. Graphics by Noodle Donato.


The gorgeous 7,000-island paradise that is the Philippines makes for an ideal playground for solo travelers. While there are so many places to see and do here just by yourself, we’ve come up with the top three destinations for a safe and fool-proof unforgettable getaway!

1. Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

This sleepy highland lake town is very picturesque! It’s a wonderful place to go to if you’re looking for some peace and quiet. You can stay in a traditional T’boli longhouse and learn about their indigenous culture—their music, their dances. Maria Todi runs a homestay program that includes board and meals. The town also offers adventure by way of a waterfall circuit (there are seven waterfalls in the area). You can go hiking to the falls, or ride the zipline overlooking three of them—a breathtaking experience!


The beautiful Lake Sebu.


One of the Seven Waterfalls in Lake Sebu.

2. Coron, Palawan

Coron town is very small, so you can explore the place on foot. The locals are friendly and you can meet a lot of foreign travelers there, which is a great way to expand your notions of the world and other cultures. Mt. Tapyas, which overlooks the town, is accessible by 1,000+ steps and offers a breathtaking view of Coron and nearby islands. Island-hopping also isn’t too costly because a local ecotourism company, Coron Galeri, offers joiner tours—you can split the cost of the pumpboat with other travelers.


One of the islands in Coron. Photo by The Lost Boys. View more photos here.


Sunset in Coron from Mt. Tapyas. Photo by Michelle Tobias.

3. Batad, Benguet

The hike to the village and to the majestic Tappiya Falls is easy, the locals friendly, and homestays and lodges abound in the area. Wake up to the view of the amphitheater-shaped rice terraces, try making a roll of nganga (betel nut), and chat with your host about Ifugao culture over glasses of sweet rice wine.


Photo from Tourism Philippines.


Tappiya Falls in Batad. Photo by Philip Diao.

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