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Exploring the Philippines' Shoe Capital: A 1-Day Marikina Itinerary Edit

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The destinations include 3 museums, 2 historical structures, 1 artsy budget restaurant, and 2 optional destinations (a science museum and a shoe shopping center). This trip costs about P350/head, including lunch, plus the optional science museum at P120/head. Though you can go through this trip without a tour guide, but hiring one would cost you P350/group.

Your Destinations

Rustic Mornings

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo is a breakfast institution in Marikina. Known for their cozy and artsy ambiance, even the night owls will get up early to dine here


(Photo courtesy of Perry Sumakote.)

Marikina Shoe Museum

Upon entering, travelers will be awed by a huge collection of heels and flats, which were owned by the Philippines' former first lady and shoe lover, Imelda Marcos. The museum highlights Marcos' 749 pairs of shoes, with her most lavish pairs still housed inside the Malacanang Palace.


Apart from displaying footwear, the museum also depicts the history of the shoe industry through dioramas. (Photo courtesy of Perry Sumakote.)


Some of the late President Marcos'  favorite pairs on display. (Photo courtesy of Allan de Ramos.)

A section of the museum is dedicated to the former first lady's vast shoe collection. (Photo courtesy of Allan de Ramos.)

Our Lady of the Abandoned Church

Tagged as a Diocesan Shrine in 2005, the Church of the Our Lady of Abandoned is pilgrimage site among residents not just of Marikina City, but also those of Metro Manila. The church is the oldest parish in Marikina, and the second oldest parish in the Philippines, next to that of Sta. Ana in Manila.


Baroque influences are evident in the church's interiors. (Photo courtesy of Perry Sumakote.)

The church is the oldest parish in Marikina and the second oldest in Metro Manila, next to that of Sta. Ana. (Photo courtesy of Allan de Ramos.)

Sentrong Pangkultura Gallery

The Bahay na Bato (translated as "House Made of Stone") in Marikina City is a Spanish heritage site declared as a National Shrine in 1968. More than 200 years old, Bahay na Bato bore witness to the first pair of shoes ever designed in Marikina City.

Sentrong Pangkultura is a 200-year-old stone mansion owned by Kapitan Moy, the founder of the shoemaking industry in the city. (Photo courtesy of Allan de Ramos.)
The second floor serves as a venue for private events. (Photo courtesy of Allan de Ramos.)

Marikina River Park 

Marikina River Park lies next to the Marikina River, a catch basin of rainwater in Metro Manila. While it's the first to pop up in the news due to devastating floods, Marikina River could be charming, if not harassed by typhoons. Marikina River Park is open for picnics, running, biking, skating (it has a dedicated skating rink), and camping.


Marikina River Park is a 220-hectare recreational space with amenities for camping, cycling, jogging, and roller skating. (Follow: @cookiemunchkin)


(Follow: @paulazatin)

Pan de Amerikana


Diners can play around this garden-themed restaurant while waiting for their orders to be served. (Photo courtesy of Perry Sumakote.)

Aside from their bread products, Pan de Amerikana is also famous for their delectable Filipino dishes. (Photo courtesy of Allan de Ramos.)

Book cum Ethnology Museum

An impressive collection of travel artefacts, Book cum Ethnology Museum records Dominador Buhain’s adventures among the 273 countries he’s visited, and counting. The museum has six sections, two of which are the major ones, the Book Museum and the Ethnology Museum.

Museum visits require at least 3 days notice. Please call 570 4449 for inquiries. (Photo courtesy of Allan de Ramos.)
The Ethnology Museum features artifacts from the Cordillera Region. (Photo courtesy of Allan de Ramos.)

Zapateria and Blackwing shoe artisan hubs


Visit the creative hubs of shoe artisans in Marikina and learn the craft and secrets of the well-made, quality Marikina shoes. (Follow: 


Have your very own custom-made shoes that fits your feet and your personality perfectly! (Follow: 


07:00 am Meet up

07:15 am Travel to Marikina

08:00 am Breakfast at Rustic Mornings

09:30 am Visit Marikina Shoe Museum

10:30 am Walk to the Church of the Our Lady of Abandoned

11:00 am Visit Sentrong Pangkultura Gallery, across the church

11:15 am Walk to Marikina River Park

12:00 pm Lunch at Pan de Amerikana

01:30 pm Book cum Ethnology Museum

02:30 pm Merienda Cena

03:30 pm Visit Zapateria and Blackwing. This is where you will meet the Marikina Shoe Artisans and Designers. All shoes are custom made and will be delivered to you after 30 days.

05:00 pm End of Marikina Trip

Original text by Michelle Tobias

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