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How to use Travel Credits Edit

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Travel Credits are like online money that you can use to book your hotel, resort, or experience. For example, if you want to book a P900 hotel room and you have 200 travel credits, you can use the travel credits and pay only P700. Sweet!

How to earn travel credits

1. Attend Explora’s events

Explora has at least one event a month, such as Explora Movers, Travel Marts, and Food Tour Expos. We announce them on social media and everyone is free to come! Just register and participate at the event and you can walk home with a 200 to 1,000 worth of travel credits.

2. Earn points through online booking

With every P500 worth of online booking you purchase, you get 1 travel credit. The more bookings you have, the more travel credits you earn! You can accumulate these and use them for your next trip.

3. Get travel credits through Explora Plus

You can ask your company or organization to apply for Explora Plus—while the signup is still free! Users of Explora Plus get discounts up to 75% off on all bookings. Depending on the arrangement, you also get to have travel credits added once or on a monthly basis.

Where is your travel credits?

To find your total travel credits, click the menu button at the top right of the screen.


When your dashboard menu shows up, select “Travel Credits”. Your remaining travel credits are also indicated in red.


At the travel credits page you’ll see your total remaining travel credits and the transactions where you used your travel credits.


How to book with your travel credits

Booking with your travel credits is easy. You’ll find this option right before you proceed to the payment page. Here’s how:

1. Go to the hotel, resort, or experience page that you want to avail and press “Book”.


2. Select the dates that you want to stay.


3. Add the number of guests.


4. Select the accommodation or package that you want to avail.


5. Add another room if necessary.


6. In the payment page, tick off the option you want to use under Travel Credits. In this example, the user can slash P150 off the booking.


7. Select the most convenient mode of payment for you and click “I agree...”. Please do read the rules and policies before booking.


After payment, you’ll receive a notification on your email and mobile number. All details and directions that you need are in your email.

When you arrive at your destination, just show your receipt of payment from your mobile phone! Easy, right?

Try an experience now!

See your travel credits in action by booking an experience below. Just try. You’ll see the travel credits option right before paying the final amount.

At Explora, you can discover and book the best of the Philippines. Booking is easy, seamless, and secure, with multiple payment options. Pasok sa budget!

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