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How to book the best of the Philippines Edit

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You’ve finally landed on Explora.ph! It’s actually quite easy to use when you take advantage of the Search Bar. Whether you’re looking for a hotel, resort, packaged tours, or just inspirations, just select a category or type a keyword! Everything you’re looking for starts here.

Discover places using the Search Bar

Search by keyword

The easiest way to discover your next trip is to just type a keyword, like “manila”, and hit Enter. You’ll see all listings with the keyword “manila”.


You can narrow this down by selecting a category. If you choose “Experiences” for example, you’ll see all bookable experiences and tours with the keyword “manila”.


Search by category

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, just select one from the categories: All, Experiences, Hotels & homes, Places, Attractions, or Travel Notes.

If you select “Experiences”, for example, you’ll see all experiences and packaged tours in the Philippines.


You can narrow this down by selecting a location.


Book the best of the islands

Once you’ve found the hotel, resort, or experience that you want to book, just press “Book”.


On the next page, choose the date of your trip.


Add the number of people doing this tour.


Select which tour best suits you and your group.


You’ll proceed to the payment page. Just fill out the details and select the most convenient mode of payment for you. Once done, just press “Proceed to payment”.


After payment, you’ll receive a notification on your email and mobile number. All details and directions that you need are in your email.

When you arrive at your destination, just show your receipt of payment from your mobile phone! Easy, right?

Get your next travel inspiration

To get your next travel inspiration, just go to the categories Travel Notes, Attractions, or Experiences, and explore travel guides and listings there. If you want to limit the results, just add a keyword like “palawan” or “beach”.


Try the Search Bar

Booking wherever you are in the Philippines should be easy, hassle-free, and fast! This is our mission at Explora, to make traveling in the country easy and accessible for everybody. You think we can do better? Drop us a line at the chat box and we might just accommodate your request!

Explore our travel guides now


View our travel guides here.

At Explora, you can discover and book the best of the Philippines. Booking is easy, seamless, and secure, with multiple payment options. Pasok sa budget!

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