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Michelle Tobias  • Contributor
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Explora Co-Founder Perry Sumakote at the third Movers meetup.

Inspiration is contagious. Once it sparks, it just passes on. Our third meetup at Explora Movers is a kindling of this fire through art and creativity in the tourism industry. Whether it is through urban sketches, art installations, travel videos, or sleek bamboo bikes, our four Movers for the night make use of art to spark this fire and pass on the flame of change. With about 35 attendees, the meetup was held at Batala Bar in Makati, a bamboo-themed bar that features artisan products and serves herby cocktails and tasty local food. Oh, yum!

The Movers

Meg Roxas

Sketch artist and sweet daydreamer Meg Roxas loves capturing moments on the road in ink or watercolor. At the meetup, she shared her arsenal of pigments, pens, and notebooks and several of her actual sketches. One thing that struck us in her story is how sketching can be a form of slow travel where beautiful moments and places are savored and preserved in the memory. Interesting!


Meg Roxas (in pink) with her group Urban Sketchers Manila.


Meg Roxas notes that sketching is also one way of preserving heritage structures slated for demolition.

Carol Pobre

Cheerful and illuminating Carol Pobre opened us to the world of art and science in the newly developed Bonifacio Global City (BGC). In her discussion, Carol told us how Filipino artists and architects built The Mind Museum, the country’s first world-class science museum, purely out of private donations worth P1 billion. Incredible! She also introduced us to the art and culture landscape of BGC and how this plays in the city’s distinct art-in-the-city vibe.


Exhibit Manager Carol Pobre having fun at work.


Carol Pobre shares some of the public murals scattered all over BGC.

Sandy Jones Pilarca

Budding storyteller and food and travel vlogger Sandy Jones Pilarca, a.k.a. Lost Juan, gave us the tickles with his funny adventure videos on Facebook. Inspired by the global influencer Nas Daily whom he had traveled with in the Philippines, Sandy shared with us his journey in finding his own voice and style in the art of storytelling. What’s even more interesting is that he shoots, edits, and uploads all his videos just from his smartphone!


Travel vlogger Sandy Pilarca and his team of adventure junkies on the road.


Sandy Pilarca giving us the laughs at the third Explora Movers meetup.

Bryan Benitez McClelland

Bright and vision-driven Bryan Benitez McClelland is the social entrepreneur behind the award-winning Bambike Revolution Cycles. This enterprise creates bamboo bikes that are functional and beautiful—some even buy bambikes just to hang on the wall! In his talk, Bryan walked us through his large-scale project in travel and tours, livelihood programs, and community development, all anchored on the simple, sustainable, and widely versatile bamboo. Epic product!


Social entrepreneur Bryan Benitez McClelland (far right) in his Bambike Ecotours in Intramuros.


Bryan Benitez McClelland collaborates with local communities in creating his iconic Bambikes.

About Explora Movers

Explora Movers is a group of passionate individuals interested in exchanging ideas about Philippine tourism, sustainable tourism, and tourism-based local businesses. Members from different sectors come together to inspire each other through talks and discussions and seek other like-minded people to collaborate with to boost one’s business, organization, or personal advocacy. Read more.


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