Best Thrills to Experience When Your Boat Tour is Cancelled in El Nido Edit

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Amanda Lago  • Contributor
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What's there to do in El Nido when your island tour is cancelled?

While crying, pouting, and cursing the wind is sorely tempting, don’t let the less-than-desirable circumstances get the better of you. Try out these activities to salvage your vacation and make the most of what El Nido has to offer:

See Taraw Cliff up close through the Canopy Walk

If it’s the prospect of seeing the limestone lagoons that got you all excited about the island tour, don’t fret. You can have an on-ground alternative in the form of the El Nido Taraw Canopy Walk

Trekking here is a physically engaging experience up a limestone cliff. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)
It's completely safe to climb up here and walk down its hanging bridge. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)

You’ll get a decidedly different view of the majestic limestone formations as you take a small trek and cross a hanging bridge to get to a view point, where you’ll be able to feel and see the rocks up close. It may not be the lagoon kayaking experience you were looking forward to, but it’s a different and equally adventurous way to see one of El Nido’s famous wonders.

The view of El Nido town from Taraw Cliff. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)
The bay from Taraw Cliff. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)

Fly like superman on the El Nido zipline

El Nido is a town that keeps on giving, and whether you’re island hopping on Bacuit Bay or grounded inland, you will not lack for breathtaking scenery. Take your fair share of stunning views along with a shot of adrenaline by trying out the El Nido zipline, which starts in Corong-Corong and ends some 750 meters further, on Depledet Islet. Make it extra-special by going around sunset, when the blue sky starts to swell with shades of gold. It’s 10 seconds of your life you won’t soon forget.  

The sitting position is the go-to option of travelers who are still easing their way into ziplining, but for braver souls, the superman is definitely a must-try! (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)

Head to Nacpan

You can still get your fill of white sand and blue waters without getting into a boat. Just rent a motorbike or hire a tricycle and head for Nacpan Beach. The 4.2 km beach is usually more crowded when the island tours are called off, but even then, it’s long enough that you can easily find a good spot for some relative isolation. If you’re craving some alone time, Nacpan is a great spot for reading the afternoon away – though you can also easily befriend the locals there if you’re in a more social mood. 

Nacpan Beach about 20 km away from the town center of El Nido. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)
The water is vivid blue and warm, perfect for a dip! (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)
Sunset hues at Nacpan Beach. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)

Catch the sunset at Corong-Corong

While a cancelled boat tour can easily make you feel betrayed by nature, the sight of a bright red sunset is just the thing to restore your faith. 

One of the beaches in Barangay Corong-Corong. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)
Sunset at Maramegmeg Beach in Barangay Corong-Corong. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)

About 15 minutes away from El Nido town is Corong-Corong, arguably the best place for sunsets in El Nido. Grab a hearty sandwich and an island-inspired cocktail at Maremegmeg Beach Bar, where the Instagram-pretty interiors make the perfect pastel-colored backdrop for your sunset selfie. For a different sunset view, you could also head to Republica Sunset Bar, where sunset sessions include great music, tapas, sangrias, and a panoramic view of the bay. 

Sunsets at Maremegmeg Beach are best enjoyed with friends and a cocktail in hand. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)
(Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)

Eat your heart out (or your frustrations away)

El Nido’s food scene is nothing if not exciting. There’s a good smattering of international cuisine, no doubt from the travelers who came to El Nido and decided to stay. For Italian, you’ve got the iconic Trattoria Altrove restaurant, but if that’s full (as is usually the case), there’s also Purno Brava, which serves Filipino favorites like sisig right alongside stone-baked thin crust pizza. 

Purno Bravo is located along Real Street in Buena Suerte. (Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor.)

El Nido Boutique and Artcafe is another island institution, serving healthy organic dishes with breezy beachfront seats for added pleasure.

Party it up island style

El Nido town’s nightlife is alive and kicking – and you’ll definitely have the energy to make the most of it if you’ve skipped the physical demands of a full-day island tour. There are several bars along the main El Nido beach where you can drink and dance the night away. If the island is putting you in a reggae mood, head to Pukka Bar, where the cheap drinks and music will keep you bouncing for hours. 

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Meanwhile, a few doors down is Sava Beach Bar, a stylish lounge where you can sip on their unique cocktails while enjoying some deep house music. 

Fancy a drink? Sava's resident mixologists will whip it up for you. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)
The bar area is usually packed with all sorts of travelers so don't be afraid to socialize! (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)
Sava also has a long couch for their more laid back guests. (Photo courtesy of Butch Capoy.)

And in case you'll be needing a place to stay at during your extended vacation, don't fret! Click here for Explora-approved accommodations in El Nido. 

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