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Where to Shop at Dirt-Cheap Prices in Divisoria Edit

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In Divisoria, shopping malls sit alongside bulk-order vendors, sidewalk vendors, and itinerant vendors. Most streets are tight and cramped. The traffic is heavy and the heat can cast dizzy spells to the faint-hearted. But people still rush to Divisoria for major shopping sprees. Why exactly?

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Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it here, and you'll find it at dirt-cheap prices.

Considered the mother of all shopping malls, Divisoria is one monstrous shopping district that sells the cheapest items in Metro Manila. Every street caters to different kinds of needs, from retail and wholesale, to finding major suppliers for your business. If you have a new house, a grand party coming up, or a new store to set up, you can get all your needs here.

Regardless, it's easy to get lost in Divisoria. Best to list down everything you need to buy and bring this shopping guide along with you. Listed below are the major streets and shopping malls in Divisoria. Lastly, don't forget to haggle, haggle, haggle!

Recto Avenue

The whole Divisoria is bisected through this main road, Recto Avenue. All other streets and shopping malls can be accessed through this road. Recto Avenue is dominated with ready-made clothes, uniforms (for school, office, and sports), textile, tailoring supplies, curtains, shoes, kitchenwares, and tent materials.

A normal day in Recto Avenue. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

Juan Luna Street

Juan Luna is the busiest street, next to Recto Avenue. Shoppers go to Juan Luna Street mainly for wholesale orders of t-shirts, t-shirt printing, bags, and school supplies. Other merchandise sold along this street include ready-to-wear clothes, fishing supplies, umbrellas, printing paper, kitchenwares, shoes, and children's clothes.

Juan Luna Street is always filled with people so make sure to mind your belongings.

Tabora Street

If you have a major birthday party, wedding, baptismal gathering, or any event that requires giveaways, Tabora Street is your one-stop shop. Here you'll find made-to-order corporate giveaways, souvenir items, plaques, and greeting cards. Other items sold here are canvas bags, ready-made school uniforms, textile, curtains, costumes, and pillowcases.

Planning a party? Tabora Street has everything you need!
Glassware and chinaware are also available here.

Ilaya Street and Yangco Market

If you're looking for the cheapest kind of quality fabrics in all shapes and sizes, Yangco Market is the right place for you. Here you'll find all types of cloth, from home decoration (curtains, pillowcases, bedsheets, table covers, etc.), to uniforms (school, office, and sports uniforms), down to formal wears (gowns, barongs, polo, jusi, slacks, etc.) and even costumes. This plethora of fabrics spills over Ilaya Street, which also sells ready-made uniforms, and shoes for school and the office.

Rolls of fabric on display in one of the stalls in Yangco Market. These are usually sold by yard.
Ready-to-wear (RTW) gowns for children.
Aside from fabric, small items such as phone accessories and school supplies can also be found in Ilaya Street. (Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor.)

Tutuban Center Mall

Formerly a train station, Tutuban Center Mall is now a three-storey, air-conditioned shopping mall that specializes in ready-to-wear clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories. A great majority of items sold in this mall are women's clothes. The mall also has several fast food chains where shoppers can rest and eat.

Tutuban Mall's facade.
There are various stalls that sell clothes in wholesale prices.

168 Shopping Mall

Possibly the most popular shopping mall in Divisoria, 168 Shopping Mall is another air-conditioned shopping center that sells brandless merchandise. The mall comprises two buildings, each with three floors. Like Tutuban Center Mall, a majority of finds here are women's clothing. Other major items sold in this mall are shoes, accessories, bags, jewelry, gadgets and mobile phones, and school supplies. A food court of about 25 food stalls can be found on the third floor.

Boutiques can be found alongside tiangges inside 168 Shopping Mall.
168 Shopping Mall has a spacious food court to cater to hungry shoppers.

999 Shopping Mall

999 Shopping Mall is a replica of 168 Shopping Mall. 999 also comprises two air-conditioned buildings, with three floors each. Like 168 Mall, 999 sells various ready-to-wear brandless clothes, accessories, shoes, bags, mobile phones, and other general merchandise such as home appliances and school supplies.

The two buildings at 999 Shopping Mall are bridged with a walkway.
One of the stalls sells different kinds of lanterns. Prices start at P100 per piece. (Photo courtesy of Wedding to Home Diary.)

Lucky Chinatown Mall

Unlike the other malls that sell brandless items, Lucky Chinatown is the only shopping mall in Divisoria that sells branded merchandise. The mall comprises two buildings, with four floors each, and hosts your regular branded stores such as National Bookstore, Mercury Drug, Starbucks, Mango, Sketchers, and Puma. Metro Gaisano Supermarket can also be found on the first and second floors. This mall caters more to mid- and high-end residents of Chinatown.

Lucky Chinatown Mall looking festive.
Lucky Chinatown Mall's 2015 dragon installment made of 19,552 paper lanterns. (Photo courtesy of Lifestyle Inquirer.)


There are various ways to get to Divisoria, but the option that will take you there the fastest is through LRT. Ride either LRT-2 and alight at Recto Station or LRT-1 to Doroteo Jose. From either station, you can hail a jeepney with “Divisoria” on the signboard. Alight at Tutuban Mall or Recto cor. Jose Abad Santos. 168 Mall is just a few meters away from the intersection.

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