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More popularly known as "Mother Tree," this attraction features an immense ipil tree that is more than 100 years old. It is about 60 to 80 feet high, with the diameter of eight people armstretched around the tree. Getting here requires a guide from Sitio Bualbualan for approximately P250 per group. From that village, guests are led up a one-hour gradual ascent to the location of the tree. Guests are advised to bring water and snacks as the trek can be warm and physically taxing.
Open: Open daily, 6am - 6pm
Address: Sitio Bualbualan, Brgy. Simpocan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Fee: approximately P250 tour guide fee per group
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Nearby attractions

Tagkawayan Beach
8.23 km away

About an hour away from Puerto Princesa's city proper, this beach is underdeveloped and is best for camping and spacing out in the sound of waves. Spanning about 700 meters, it has fine, mocha-brown sand and feels a bit remote. During Amihan Season between November and March, the waves are so strong that they bring stones ashore on one side of the beach. The existing wooden huts and cabins for accommodation in the surrounding area have been abandoned. The beach can be found along Simpocan Road in Barangay Simpocan.

Salakot Falls
12.58 km away

Found along TSI Road in Puerto Princesa, this low-lying waterfall is frequented by locals who simply want to relax, have a picnic, and swim in its refreshingly cold pools. The site was developed by the local government, was abandoned for some time, and has been taken under the management of indigenous peoples from the Tagbanua Tribe. Salakot Falls is part of Mt. Salakot, a trekking destination whose trail can be found nearby. The only amenities in the area are shower rooms and a small convenience store.

Iwahig Penal Colony and Farm
13.29 km away

There are only seven penal colonies in the Philippines, and the largest in the world is the Iwahig Penal Colony and Farm in Puerto Princesa City. The colony represents a more decent approach to "paying one's time" without being incarcerated behind bars. Established in 1904, the open complex consists of several American heritage buildings in various states of repair. Fortunately, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines is scheduled to rehabilitate them before the year ends. Open from 8am to 5pm, visit is free, but it is encouraged to extend a donation. On the way in, security prisoners in brown uniforms can be seen working on the adjacent farms. Inside the Recreation Hall, which was built in 1924, several crafts and souvenirs made by the inmates are also on display and are being sold.

Things to do nearby

Exploring Puerto Princesa from Dawn 'til Dusk
Local sightseeing
7.51 km away

Dedicate a day experiencing rich Palaweño culture, and enjoy a hearty lunch in the middle. This full-day Puerto Princesa tour will bring you to several landmark Palawan museums, the biggest and oldest Catholic Church in the city, and the enchanting Butterfly Garden and Tribal Village. Here in Explora, our partner travel and tours are screened to deliver the top services we can find in the Philippines. Secure your slots in advance for these can soon become fully-booked!

Getting there and around

Sitio Bualbualan, Brgy. Simpocan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

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