Mendoza Park

Urban Center Circuit, Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Named after Dr. Higinio Mendoza, the war hero of Palawan. His resistance to Japanese control led to his execution on January 24, 1944 at Canigaran Beach. His remains together with several unknown soldiers were interred into the memorial constructed at the far end of the park along H. Mendoza Street (also named after the Late hero). Situated within the city proper, the park is framed by beautiful Palawan Cherry Blossoms and age-old acacia trees and landscaped with ornamental plants. On the south side of the park is a Tabuan square where one can buy souvenir and novelty items. To get there, one can take a tricycle or multicab plying the Rizal Avenue route.

Address: Model Urban Center Circuit , Puerto Princesa , Philippines

Hours: Open Everyday

Budget: None

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Urban Center Circuit, Puerto Princesa, Philippines

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