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The Puerto Princesa-Palawan Sports Complex is an ideal venue for track and field events, ball games and swimming competitions. National, regional, provincial and city-wide athletic meets are witnessed here.
Open: Open Everyday
Address: San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
Fee: N/A
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Nearby attractions

Tamilok (Woodworm in Vinegar and Lime Juice)
0.54 km away

A trip to Puerto Princesa wouldn't be complete without tasting the Tamilok. This worm-looking creature is actually a mollusk that thrives on rotten mangrove wood. It is usually eaten as a ceviche—soaked fresh in vinegar and lime juice. Those with stronger stomachs can opt to eat it raw, however. It can also be grilled or dipped in batter and deep-fried. Its texture can be described as soft, slimy, and very chewy. Most restaurants have this in their menu, but for travelers who want it newly harvested, the people behind the Mangrove Paddleboat Tour can find one for you. Just let them know a day in advance.

Cashew Nuts
0.54 km away

These delicious, hearty nuts can be found in either roasted, salted, or chili flavor in the local market and souvenir shops. You can get a glimpse on how these are manually produced in the backyard of humble and cheerful women in Barangay San Jose. The best time to buy cashews are when they are in season, between May and June.

MBA Pearls and Accessories
0.99 km away

Located inside MCA Market Mall Pasalubong Center, MBA Pearls and Accessories is a one-stop shop for Palawan souvenirs, offering a wide array of products from home decor to dried fish. The native delicacies are sourced from local suppliers nearby. MBA Pearls and Accessories rose to fame in 2012 for carrying authentic jewelry made from South Sea pearls. Prices depend on the pearl's size and quality, with the smallest retailing at P1,000 a piece.

Things to do nearby

Underground River and Island Adventure in Puerto Princesa

Make the most of your trip to wonderful Puerto Princesa, and go on an adventure before heading to one of the 7 New Wonders of the World. Explore its rich city with an airdonditioned service and a trusty tour gruide. Eat delicious homey food from local restaurants. Go island-hopping at Honda Bay and enjoy the colors of the ocean at sunset. Then, go kayaking to the wondrous Underground River. Here in Explora, our partner travel and tours are screened to deliver the top services we can find in the Philippines. Secure your slots in advance for these can soon become fully-booked!

Wild Expeditions in Palawan
Local sightseeing
2.17 km away

WILD Expeditions in Palawan is a local tour operator that specializes in nature-themed activities from simple trekking tour to more complex expeditions trips and wildlife documentaries including birdwatching, marine mammals search, herpwatch, wildlife photography (macro, birds, mammals, etc.), remote wildlife expedition trips and more.

Midsummer Night's Dream 2019:  Palawan's Biggest Outdoor Dance Music Festival

Midsummer Night’s Dream is Palawan’s biggest outdoor dance music festival, taking place during Puerto Princesa’s annual Pangalipay sa Baybay Celebration. it is the highlight event in Palawan every summer and comes built in with travel packages to further promote tourism.

Where to stay

Jilian Tourist Inn
Hotels and homes
0.18 km away

We are Located at the Center of the historical Place of Puerto Princesa, Situated in front of the city Coliseum, fully Classic outlook designed, surrounded with greenery environment emphasizes its proximity to nature. Jilian Tourist Inn has its first of its kind modern facilities that will make the visitor's vacation an enjoyable one.It is a 10-minute driving distance away from the Airport and the busiest part of the City. An Hour and a half drive to the World most renowned Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.

A&A Plaza Hotel
Hotels and homes
0.35 km away

Strategically located at Puerto Princesa City, this hotel is a great choice for all types of travelers seeking comfortable accommodations. It has clean interiors, quality facilities, and amenities that guarantee a memorable stay.

Cleon Villas Pension
Hotels and homes
0.49 km away

Cleon Villas Pension will give you private sanctuary while you enjoy the vast nature tour of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

Getting there and around

San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

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