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Maoyon River Cruise and Rafting | Things to do

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168  •  Puerto Princesa City, Palawan  •  Get direction

The river cruise takes visitors to a 45-minute boat ride along the unspoiled Maoyon river. The tour includes a delicious seafood lunch on board such as shrimp, fishes, crabs, and various seashells. The meal is also accompanied by relaxing traditional songs sang by local musicians and singers. After the river cruise, the tour continues on to a 10-minute forest walk towards the spot where the largest dao tree (Dracontomelon dao) in Maoyon is found. This tree is so big that it takes 12 people to fully encircle it. The tour costs P5,000, which is good for up to 10 people. This is another fine example of a Community-Based Sustainable Tourism initiative in the city that was organized by the locals of Barangay Maoyon.

Address: Puerto Princesa North Road, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

Business hours: Open Everyday

Entrance fee: The tour costs P5000 for 10 people