Fuerza de San Andres (Fort San Andres) | Things to do in Romblon-Romblon

Fuerza de San Andres (1) Fuerza de San Andres (2) Sunset from Fuerza de San Andres
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Best visited at sunset, this newly restored Spanish fort looks over the town and the harbor, as well as the gorgeous bay and nearby islands. Going up this fort takes around 120 steps, followed by a pathway adorned with various marble artworks and mosaics. Restored to its original state after years of neglect, it is one of the twin forts, each sitting on two opposite hills overlooking the port of Romblon. Fuerza de San Andres initially served as the town’s fort to prevent invasion of the moros and pirates that roam the waters.

Address: Brgy. Poblacion, Romblon, Romblon

Open: 7am - 6pm

Fee: P10/head