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Looc still has a number of ancestral houses, and two outstanding ones are the Sison and Badillio residences. These houses have been preserved by the families that live here, offering a glimpse of the country's colonial past to the current generation. The Badillo residence, which is nearly a hundred years old, has managed to retain not only its exterior, but also its interiors. The houses are not open for public viewing, but some families allow visitors in, upon prior appointment.
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Address: Poblacion,, Looc, Romblon
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Nearby attractions

Tuburan Falls
1.70 km away

Reaching Tuburan Falls entails a 30-minute hike from Brgy. Tubaran. Along the way, you'll pass through coconut groves and numerous river crossings. It is a fairly easy hike along a well-worn trail, but wearing comfortable footwear is still recommended. Like most falls on Tablas Island, Tuburan is low-level, with numerous layers. The waters flow strongly, distributing itself to pools on various levels. Hearing the sounds of rushing water, it's hard to resist taking a dip in the clear cold pool. The more adventurous ones can venture into the caves by the falls, up to Cayatong, a place that is said to be enchanted by fairies.

Lily's Halo Halo
2.01 km away

Said to be the best halo-halo on Tablas Island, this roadside stall in Brgy. Gabawan attracts first timers and regulars alike. Their bestseller is the classic halo-halo, which is complete with the requisite ingredients: leche flan (milk custard), pinipig (rice crispies), langka (jackfruit), saba (banana), nata de coco, kaong (sugar palm fruit), beans, gulaman (jelly), and haleya (purple yam jam). For P50 a glass, Lily's doesn't scrimp on these freshly-cooked ingredients. Customers can get their halo-halo fix in plastic cups to eat while on the go, or by the stall while seated on a few number of wooden benches under the shade of the trees. Aside from the well-loved dessert, the stall also sells skewered hotdogs, siomai, and lugaw (rice porridge).

Grotto de Banloc
2.04 km away

Looc residents, husband and wife Jonathan and Virna Gaytano, wanted a serene place where they can pray and meditate. In 2015, just before Jonathan's 40th birthday, he built the Grotto de Banloc as a way of giving thanks for his life. The six-hectare site was eventually opened to the public in 2016 on Virna's birthday. Today, it is a popular destination, serving not only as a place for worship, but also a serene getaway. With its beautiful landscaped gardens and water fountains, it is a perfect spot to hold picnics, host team building activities, or commune with nature. Their recently-opened Honesty Store is now on operation, attracting locals and tourists alike. Akin to Batanes' popular Honesty Coffee Shop, it is not manned by a storekeeper nor is it equipped with a CCTV camera. Shoppers can pick the item they want and leave their exact payment. Proceeds from the store go to the maintenance of the grotto.

Where to stay

Caesar's Lodging Inn
Hotels and homes
1.78 km away

Accommodation for Transient and Long Stay Customers

Cummings Highlands Eco Resort and Water Park

Cummings Highlands is a  whimsical and charming tree house and teepee style Bed & Breakfast accommodation nestled in the lush mountains of Tablas Island, Romblon. We are offering unique, natural studio, and dorm style cottages, with or without balconies.  Each accommodation is directly overlooking the breathtaking panoramic views of Looc Bay, and amazing sun-sets.  Every cottage or hostel space overlooks the fresh water pool, for guests to enjoy as they relax and  truly embrace the tranquil mountain ambiance. Your vacation stay at Cummings Highlands allows you to be totally surrounded by the beauty of coconut palms and organic living of the Philippines . Enjoy this amazing and self absorbing naturalists vacation experience of the Philippines in the mountains of Tablas Island, Romblon. 

Cummings Highlands is one of the few locations on Tablas Island where you can see wild monkeys up close, share the pool area with you, and even have them pose for photo's! 

M Villa's Farm
Hotels and homes
4.91 km away

A 2.5 hectares of property located at the southern coast of Tablas, Romblon, mediterranean design, sprawling garden surrounded with mango and coconut trees, overlooking the sea and spectacular sunset view, with beach front, with infinity pool, living room and dining room has open veranda, 14 different design of rooms, and sizes. Attentive staff to attend to all your needs, All rooms equipped with air-conditioning and ceiling fan, and hot water in every bathroom. It is 15 minutes drive to Looc Town, 45 minutes drive from airport and Odiongan port.

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Poblacion,, Looc, Romblon

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